Top 10 Funniest Vending Machines

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The businessmen have to do unique marketing techniques to attract the customers. A snack vending machine becomes usual vending machine to sell the snack. This machine is very useful since some customers might need the snacks. Therefore, this machine is built to meet the customers’ need. Nowadays, snacks are not only products which are offered. There are 10 vending machines which sells particular products.


1. Crab Vending Machine

This machine is situated in the Xinjiekou subway station. At the first time when this machine was installed, a lot of people stopped and stared at the crustaceans. Some people only took photos. However, buying crabs from this vending machine is not strange anymore nowadays.


2. Bike Vending Machine

Netherlands becomes the first country introducing the bike dispenser. This machine could be found in the first time in Netherlands in 2005. The bikes are featured with RFID tags in which the company will be able to track its bikes.


3. Gold Vending Machine

This machine was installed in the first time in Abu Dhabi. People can buy gold coins or bars which are backed by a Swabian Fort Knox security.


4. Vending machine for Medical Marijuana

The patients with loss of appetite, the pain, and other ailments caused by marijuana can get the advantage of this machine. The access is very convenient and the price is cheaper.


5. Vending Machine to Release the Anger

The users only need to insert the coin. A piece of China moves forward. It will fall and break. The users will be happy since the anger can be relieved.


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