Top 10 Must Have’s This Season for Working Women

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Professional women face the challenge of keeping up with seasonal styles without looking too fashion forward for work. While working women need to maintain professionalism, it does not mean contemporary clothing is not allowed. Selecting a few must-have items that maintain professionalism shows that a woman cares about her appearance, follows fashion and understands the importance of selecting clothes and accessories that are appropriate for the workplace.


1. White Button-Down Shirt:

The white button-down shirt in a current cut is a professional piece that matches any pair of pants, skirt or suit. It provides a versatile piece that works in any office setting and is appropriate for work-casual and formal situations.

By investing in a white button-down shirt, women can match it with a wide range of outfits for a chic and conservative appearance. It is ideal for a semi-formal or formal office environment as well as those casual days that allow a little flexibility.


2. Black Pencil Skirt:

Pencil skirts remain a top choice for women at work because it is professional, comfortable and stylish. A pencil skirt that is black in color provides the neutral base that allows women to pair it with a wide range of colored blouses. Creating a formal suit requires nothing more than a matching blazer and it can look more casual for a semi-formal work environment by removing the blazer.


3. Black Trousers:

A pair of comfortable, black trousers is a must-have for any woman who is working in an office or professional environment. The black color is neutral, which makes it ideal for matching with a wide range of shirts. When the color is combined with a straight-legged cut, it is a timeless style that showcases professionalism.


4. Colorful Blouses:

While the seasonal fashion trend is leaning toward bright colors, some light shades like mint green and soft yellow are always a great choice for the office. When selecting colorful blouses to match that black skirt, women should always consider the workplace. Bright colors, which are popular for the season, might not be appropriate in every office.

Opt for colors that are light, beautiful and bright. The bright colors are a trendy choice while the light shades will give a professional and timeless appeal to the outfit.


5. Neutral Purse:

Depending on the particular formality of the workplace, the best purse will vary. In general, a neutral purse, such as black or tan leather, is a great choice for work. The neutral shade will match almost any outfit while the quality materials and design of the purse showcase the latest fashions.


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