Top 10 Fictional Foods Fans Would Die To Have

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How many of us dreamed of having a food or drink we see on television or on the big screen? Many fans would pay anything and any amount to find the following things starring back at them:

1. Butterbeer:

This was first introduced in the Harry Potter book series in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and is now popular amongst fans. It is described as a drink of choice and contains a small amount of alcohol, which has a negligible effect on Witches and Wizards. Although, the so called drink is sold in the theme park, nothing compares it to the actual drink. Fans keep dreaming about what it would actually taste like.


2. Krabbie Patties

These are foods that were popularized in Sponge Bob Squarepants, the TV Show hit. The recipe is top secret and makes people like Chum Bucket want to steal it. The question many kids have relates to whether it is made of crab cakes or burger.


3. Lembas:

This was a popular food item in Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is an item which will keep you going for the whole day. It is also nutritious and tasty to have unlike those 5 hour energy drinks which are full of sugar.


4. Tomacco:

Why the need to smoke when you can create this Simpsons’ vegetable. It is created as a hybrid of the tomato and tobacco plant. In this episode, Homer accidentally planted and fertilized tomato and tobacco plants with plutonium. The fruit item had a tobacco brown centre and a red crust like a tomato. Addictive and of course can substitute smoking anytime.


5. The Big Salad:

The big salad was very popular at Monk’s during the 1990s sitcom run of Seinfeld. They even dedicated their 88th episode to it. However, what went inside this salad? What made this salad so popular that all the major characters in Seinfeld loved it? Pickle Barrel tried to mimic the salad, but it’s not the same. Similarly to the one in New York diner which gave the original idea. Both salads tasted differently.


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