Top 10 Natural Laxatives

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6. Legumes, Beans & Peas:

They are low in fat and cholesterol. Moreover they are high-fibre, improving digestion. One suggestion I would make is to combine one of these 3 with grain. This combination makes complete proteins with all amino acids existent. This should also be included in a child’s meal as well as most children do not eat vegetables.


7. Aloe Vera:

This is one of the oldest medicinal plants known to our mankind. Most of the aloe vera leaf is filled with gel which has 99% water in it. The rest of the leaf contains 18 amino acids, 75 nutrients, including 20 minerals, 12 vitamin and 200 active plan compounds.

The gel has been used for many things throughout the centuries, including for treating wounds, skin infections and many other skin conditions. The dried latex from the inner lining of the leaf has also been a source of oral laxative.


8. Nuts:

High in fibre, nuts make the list as well. Nuts like almonds are high in omega tree fatty acids as well and are healthy. However, one should be forewarned not too eat too much as they are fatty and high in calories.

4 to 8oz of nuts eaten in one swoop should help to stimulate the bowels and get you going in no more than twenty-four hours usually much less. You may experience gas almost immediately after eating 4 to 8oz. To stop the gas, we recommend Bismuth products like Pepto Bismal. Or you can take other products to stop gas such as Beano or Gas X. The gas will cease or lessen and you will still experience relief – the ultimate goal.


9. Whole Grains:

Since whole grains contain a large amount fiber, they are also natural laxatives. Brown rice, which can be prepared in many different ways, is one of the whole grain foods, that is a natural laxative. For cereal lovers, whole grain cereals will work as natural laxatives. Oatmeal and whole grain breads are also good whole grains that will keep the bowels moving in the right direction.


10. Beets:

Beets, amongst other vegetables such as Cabbage are excellent at producing bowel movements. This could even be more helpful if eaten raw. You should not worry if you notice reddish urine and stool. If you are in serious trouble and need to get bowel movement as soon as possible, choose beets.


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