Top 10 Mysterious Monsters Of Today

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6. Fairies

Believe it or not, in some parts of the world fairies, elves and other mythological creatures of the forest are still taken for granted. In spite of the fact that numerous people swore on their lives they saw fairies, leprechauns, elves and dwarf, the witness are generally viewed as people with a rich imagination. Besides, with all the hype and attention UFO sighting receive, it is only natural that people find it hard to believe in these creatures existence.


7. The Dover Demon

Because of the few sightings reported in 1977, the Dover Demon is perhaps one of the most mysterious modern creatures of them all. Initially, when the first report about the creature was filed, many thought the monster is just a figure of a boy’s rich imagination. His story raised a lot of doubt considering that he was wondering late at night with some friends in the wood. However, when other reports came in describing the unusual features of the monster, the authorities began an investigation, unfortunately with no result until this day.


8. Champ

Champ, the American version of the Loch Ness Monster, is a mysterious aquatic being that allegedly resides in Lake Champlain. What is intriguing about Champ is that most witnesses describe it as looking very similarly to Nessie; its dark skin, several lumps and a small head that resembles a dog or a snake determined researchers to state that if these creatures do exist, then they are very likely plesiosaurs, a dinosaur believed to be extinct for more than 66 million years ago.


9. The Giant Squid

The rumors regarding the existence of a giant squid that loves to attack ships might be true after all. Back in the days, every sailor who would venture out at see had heard several terrifying stories about a multi-tentacle sea creature (also dubbed as the Kraken) that constantly attacked vessels on the high seas. Recently, a team of marine biologists discovered several mysterious giant squids (Architeuthis) washed up on various beaches across the globe. While they have even detected a live specimen of around 26 feet long at around 3,000 feet below the water surface, the marine biologists still cannot say anything for certain.


10. Ogopogo

The planet’s lakes and oceans are not only safe and intimate homes for mysterious dinosaurs that should have extinct millions of years ago. In Canada, they are also believed to host an intriguing water spirit dubbed as the Ogopogo and to whom native Indians used to make sacrifices before crossing the waters of Lake Okanagan. While there are no clear sightings, tourist who venture along the Canadian lakes frequently report mysterious and inexplicable things happening in the waters of the lake.


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