Top 10 Most Irritating Habits At Work

If you think that convenience and the ability to organize your time as you see fit constitute the main reasons why people prefer working from home rather than spending 9 to 5 in office settings, think again. The truth is that many of us give up the office life because of the irritating routine of our coworkers. The behavior of certain employees seems to indicate that their job is to drive us insane through any possible means and the worst part is that they don’t even realize it. Let’s find out the top ten things that get on people’s nerves in the workplace.


1. Finger drumming while you think of something

Few people can attest to having worked in an office without encountering a professional finger drummer. It also seems that the propensity your coworkers have for the annoying habit of drumming on any surface available increases whenever you have a lot of minutely work to complete. Not does the finger drummer have the ability to spontaneously kill your concentration, but the sound is so frustrating that special agencies like the CIA utilize it as a suspect interrogation technique.


2. Raising your voice beyond the acceptable decibel limit when you’re on the phone

In spite of the fact that the telephone has been around for more than a century, some people still haven’t figured out how it works. Rather than accept that their voice is transmitted via electric impulses and not vibrations, they still yell instead of speaking in a normal tone whenever they make or receive a call. No, the other person won’t hear you easier if the problem is caused by a faulty connection, there is no reason for everyone in the office to learn about your friend’s cheating husband.


3. Abusing perfume

There is always that one employee who thinks his job is to act as the office air freshener and, because he wants to impress, slaps on a ton of perfume/cologne. When confronted, this particular specimen will generally reply that he is wearing an extremely expensive and refined fragrance. Yes, nobody’s arguing quality here, just quantity. Even the most subtle perfume is intolerable if you marinate in it.


4. Smashing the keyboard when typing

This stereotype is generally proprietary for people who used a typing machine before keyboards. You might think that the transition from one input method to the other was not that brutal and the fact that typing machines became obsolete decades ago would have allowed them enough time to adjust. Wrong again! Similar to employees who feel that yelling on the phone helps receptions, keyboard smashers consider that exercising more force improves their typing rate and accuracy. Enjoy the symphony in QWERTY minor!


5. Employees who spend more time on break than at their desk

Few thinks can be catalogued as more infuriating than seeing members of your team on full time smoke and lunch breaks, particularly before the deadline of important projects. Although taking a break every once in a while to clear your mind and rest your eyes is indicated and guaranteed by the work contract, abusing this privilege just means you’re dead weight for the team. Everyone would prefer to work as a professional smoker or an expert lunch eater, but unfortunately the job perspective in these fields is quite limited.


6. Coworkers who insist on coming at work sick

At the exact opposite pole, you have the overzealous coworkers that refuse to take a sick day because they think the company can’t possibly function without their expertise. It doesn’t concern them that the condition is contagious and they are basically biological time bombs that spread the infection among the other workers. They don’t care that their productivity levels are considerably diminished by the illness anyhow. These people only know that they have to be at work, come hell or high water.


7. Lunches that can easily qualify as biological hazards

And speaking of biological hazards, some people prefer to pack it for lunch rather than be one. Think tuna cakes, mold cheese, extra onions, vinegar and of course, burritos! It won’t take long to spot them and once you do, only the sound of the tinfoil wrapper will be enough make you twitchy. Don’t think that you can smell these fine fragrances only in the cafeteria, because these fine gourmet chefs also bring their confections at the desk and sometimes they are been known to stock the office freezer with them.


8. Aggravating song bits for ringtones

God forbid that all your coworkers would make use of the standard ringtones on their latest smartphone. These wonderful gadgets have changed office life in so many ways. Did you know that you the possibility to store parts of the songs and replay them in HD quality whenever you get a call? So why then wouldn’t you want to share your exquisite taste in music with your colleagues and set the phone to play the latest 50 Cent track or the refined Cannibal Corpse classics? Don’t forget to talk loudly when you answer!


9. People with no definition of personal space

Is your personal desk filled with documents, ten pictures of your family, empty cups and other random office supplies? Rather than clean the mess, you can save time by using other people’s desk for extra storage purposes. Don’t worry if they get mad or yell at you, people are naturally jealous on your ingenuity and knowledge of bureautics. Also, it is common courtesy to constantly interrupt by searching for the things you stored on their desk, while thinking out loud and muttering to yourself.


10. Colleagues with a phobia of deodorants and soap

Since we covered the perfume “enthusiasts” and the exquisite fragrances of exotic cuisine, let’s not forget about the people who refuse to shower or use deodorant. Studies indicate that the phobia of personal hygiene products intensifies in the warm seasons, especially when the temperatures exceed the 35 degree Celsius threshold. The nose repelling body odors of certain employees are sometimes mistaken for dead animals in the ventilation system, which lead to unnecessary investigations that cost the company time and money.


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