Top 10 Strangest Coincidences of All Time

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Many of us come across diverse, yet strange coincidences in our lives. Most of them occur in the form of accidents and others evolve as events take place. To some people, coincidences are the incredible and can really boost someone`s belief, especially that of a skeptics and their disbelief in higher being.

Anyways, our world is filled with some strangest s occurrences for which there is no logical or scientific explanation. You are free to decide for yourself if these Top 10 stories are a mere chance or are fate. Given below are some coincidences that I think are worth mentioning.


1. Mark Twain and Hailey’s Comet:

Hailey's Comet

Mark Twain was born on the day Hailey’s Comet appeared in 1835. He died on the day it next appeared in 1910. The strangest part was that he predicted this gloom in 1909 saying “I came with Hailey’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year and I expect to go out with it.”

Twain suffered from depression beginning in 1896 with the death of his daughter from Meningitis. His depression deepened with death of his wife Olivia in 1904 and daughter Jean in 1909. His best friend Henry Rogers also died suddenly in 1909. Twain died of a heart attack on April 21, 1910.


2. Windings & 911:

Windings & 911

Q33NY is the registration number of the first plane that hit the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. It is creepy to think that when you type in Q33NY (all caps) in Word using Windings font, you get the above image. I wonder if Microsoft ever knew such a thing existed in their program and wonder why it has not been removed yet.


3. Wilmer McLean and the Civil War:

Wilmer McLean

Wilmer McLean lived peaceful life in Manassas, Virginia until the Civil War erupted. His hometown was the middle ground between Washington DC and Richmond, VA, the capitals of Union and Confederate respectively. So the battle that is considered as start of the war, The Battle of Bull Run, took place just in front of McLean’s house. This mainly occurred because McLean’s house was used as a Confederate headquarters. With his house being shot all the time, he decided to move further into Virginia. The strange coincidence is the fact that the war began in his house, but finished in his new one. Four years later, Union’s General surrender in McLean’s house.


4. James Dean Car Curse:

James Dean Car Curse

In September 1955, James Dean was killed in a horrific car accident involving his Porsche sports car. After the crash, every person who used or touched the car was unlucky.

When the car was towed away from accident scene and taken to a garage, the engine slipped out and fell onto the mechanic, crushing both of his legs.

Ultimately the engine was sold to a doctor, who put it into his racing car and was killed later on. Another racing driver, in the same race, was killed in his car, which had James Dean’s driveshaft built-in to it.

When James Dean’s Porsche later required maintenance, the garage it was stored in was destroyed by fire.

In Sacramento, the car was displayed in Sacramento, but it fell off its mount and accidentally fractured a teenager’s hip.

In Oregon, the trailer that the car was mounted on slipped from its towbar and smashed through the front of a shop.

The final mishap occurred in 1959 when the car mysteriously broke into 11 pieces.


5. Baby Saved Twice by Same Man:

Joseph Friglock

In the 1930s, a Detroit man, Joseph Friglock, saved a falling baby, twice on the same street. As Figlock was walking down the street, a baby fell from a high window onto Figlock. The baby’s fall was stopped by Friglock and both man and baby left unharmed. A year later, the very same baby fell from the very same window onto poor, unsuspecting Joseph Figlock as he was again passing and again, they both survived the almost tragic event.

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