Top 10 Hypotheses Regarding The Bermuda Triangle

While shipwrecks and plane crashes do occur sometimes, most of them have a logical explanation. However, this is not the case for the triangular region between Miami, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, an area which is currently known as the Bermuda Triangle. The mystery surrounding with the Bermuda Triangle comes from the hundreds of sea and aircraft that vanished without a trace or clue.

The incidents are rather intriguing considering that top-notch and highly trained pilots as well as sea-captains died along with thousands of men, women and children. Even though nobody can state for certain what is going on in that area, there have been several hypotheses regarding the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle.


1. The Gulf Stream

Perhaps the most plausible explanation to why no shipwrecks have been found in the Bermuda Triangle resides in the power and uniqueness of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is essentially an underwater river and it is rather tricky and very powerful precisely in the area of the triangle. Promoters of this hypothesis claim that the Gulf Stream is strong enough to carry vessels of all sizes on large distances and consequentially, this is why rescue teams will not find anything at the exact location of the disaster.


2. Sudden hurricanes

Granted, the technology and communications today permit many navigators to know the forecast at sea and hence, get out of a hurricane’s way. However, not so many who venture at sea are aware of the unpredictable by-product of hurricanes, the microburst. The microburst can be defined as an abrupt downdraft occurring when a storm draws air from high altitudes. Once the microburst hits the water, the storm becomes very aggressive and the resulted winds can exceed 170 mph. Any ship caught in the middle of all this is simply swept away and carried by the Gulf Stream.


3. Electronic fog

The idea that a strange electronic fog is responsible for the disappearance and peculiar phenomena occurring in the area is issued by a survivor of the Bermuda Triangle. Bruce Gernon reported that he suddenly found himself inside a bizarre cloud formation and about to a enter tunnel shaped vortex. In addition to the limited visibility, Gernon also claims that his plane’s equipment began acting hectic and even the compass started to spin inexplicably. Perhaps oddest of them all is the fact he found himself over the Miami Beach after flying for 30 minutes, half the time such a journey would normally last.


4. Magnetic vortices

Researcher Ivan Sanderson has emitted a very interesting theory on the Bermuda Triangle. According to him, the hot and cold air currents intersection will determine the formation of what he called vile vortices, a phenomenon that affects the electromagnetism in the area and hence, interferes with the sensors of the onboard equipment. Sanderson also claims that this phenomenon is not proprietary to the Bermuda Triangle and can be observed in 10 other different locations across the globe.


5. Methane gas hydrates

Reputable American geologist, Dr. Richard McIver suggested a logical, yet improbable theory. According to Dr. McIver, an element possibly responsible for the weird disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle is the methane gas hydrates formations. Because such deposits can be found below the sea floor at various depths, he assumes that in the Triangle a huge methane hydrate formation lies inches underneath the water. Each time the methane erupts, it is able to send gas upwards flying hundreds of miles away towards the surface, which makes watercrafts sure victims.


6. Rogue waves

Back in the days, many sailors told stories about huge waves coming out of nowhere and engulfing ships, making them disappear forever. While these days most navigators do not take such tales seriously, it is necessary to mention that over the past 100 years there have been numerous reports of enormous rogues waves, some even reaching 157 feet high like the one that struck Fastnet Lighthouse, Ireland in 1985. According to authorities, the wave came out of the blue with no previous warnings.


7. Electromagnetic variation

The theory of electromagnetic oscillations is based on the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is essentially one of the two places on Earth where the compass is able to point precisely at the North Pole, not the magnetic north pole of the planet. The difference between the two poles is known as compass variation in the electromagnetic field, a disparity that can be as big as 20 degrees in certain parts of the globe. There have been many reports claiming the orientation in this area is extremely difficult due to the fact that aircrafts and ships cannot always rely on their compass.


8. Alien abductions

If I had a penny for each time people blamed the aliens for the things they could not fully understand, I would probably live next door to Bill Gates. While there is practically no evidence to sustain this hypothesis and it is sufficiently odd that they would choose to abduct ships and humans particularly in that area, many people strongly believe the Bermuda Triangle is frequented by aliens.


9. Atlantis

I’ll admit, one of the postulated locations where most researchers believe to be the sunken island of Atlantis is the Bermuda Triangle. It is said that Atlantis was a highly evolved society that utilized technology beyond our current comprehension, tech that is so sophisticated and highly developed that it still affects the area despite the fact the Atlantis now lies dormant at the bottom of the ocean. However, the theory has no real solid evidence and the only thing to support it is the experience of a scuba diver who claims he found pyramid-like structures with smooth and algae free interiors.


10. A rupture in the space-time continuum

Even though science is still unable to fully understand Einstein’s theory of general relativity, some overzealous researchers are already putting it to good use. More and more evidence points to the fact that space and time are not always the same, they can be influenced by many factors and the possibility of holes in the space-time fabric are very possible. Assuming that the ruptures in the continuum are not always black holes, many consider the Bermuda Triangle an anomaly in the continuum (possibly a wormhole).



As far as we know, it could also be a combination all these factors. For instance, the Gulf Stream may be the result of exploding methane gas pockets that were one of the consequences of Atlantis residents misusing the technology provided to them by an alien species. In order to conceal the technology from the public, the said alien species is now abducting people who venture in the area using a space-time continuum wormhole that generates an electromagnetic fog and interferes with the navigation sensors to avoid detection. But hey, that’s just a theory!

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