Top 10 Relationship Misconceptions

Nowadays, TV shows, magazines and certain websites are filled with erroneous information about the premises of a romantic involvement. However, if we were to believe that everyone is bound to follow the paths as the ones of popular artists, we would be exposing ourselves to the risk of ruining the relationship sooner or later.

Top 10 Taboo Topics In 2012

In order for a custom to earn a place in the category of taboo subjects, it also needs to be repugnant and abhorred by the general public up to the point when people naturally refrain from bringing it up in a conversation. Let's find out the top ten things that scare and unsettle most of us.

Top 10 Rosh Hashanah Dishes

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. Dishes are sugared to help make the year sweeter and more prosperous. Pomegranates, Chickpeas, Bread, Dates and Beets are superstitiously used to bring affluence. As such, here are the top 10 dishes traditionally made of Rosh Hashanah.

Top 10 Budget Honeymoon Ideas

If the two of you don’t have much left to spend after the wedding itself, you may want to take a honeymoon that helps to save a bit of cash. Fortunately, there are a number of different options if you’re on a budget during your special trip together. Here are ten to consider.

Top 10 Most Hazardous Sea Creatures

Swimming in the salty waters of oceans and seas, parasailing, surfing and diving are always excellent pastime activities. However, in addition to the extraordinary experience they provide for enthusiasts, the saltwater also accommodates numerous dangerous creatures, some of which can even prove fatal for humans.