Top 10 Most Memorable Evil Alien Species In Movies

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If there is something to be learned from movies featuring aliens is that they always plan something and their plots do not exactly match the mankind’s “keep on living” schedule. While there are some series and films presenting aliens in a positive light, most of them bring out the idea that their sole purpose is to turn humans into slave laborers or that mankind is on top of their favorite dish list.

Oh, and let’s not forget that some of aliens view humans as nothing more than pests who need a quick squishing. Essentially, most aliens are just plain evil and humans have no chance of turning the odds through negotiation. Let’s explore the top 10 aliens that made us think twice about the possibility of getting along with them!


1. Xenomorphs

While most movie fans know them as the protagonists of the Alien series, they are in fact dubbed Xenomorphs. If you were to consider their physical and mental abilities, this amazing and feared alien species represents the ultimate life form. Organized similarly to an insect colony with a queen on top of their hierarchy, they impress with their agility, strength, hunting skills, their ability to survive almost anywhere as well as their fast learning capabilities. To bottom line is that they are absolutely flawless beings; if they discover a weakness their evolutionary skills helps them surpass it quite quickly.


2. Predators

Predators, the alien species from the movies with the same name, are actually very interesting creatures. While they are a highly advanced and noble race with top-notch technology, one of their favorite hobbies is still hunting other species. What is intriguing about Predators is that they do not attack unless the pray carries a weapon and they never hunt children.


3. Daleks

The Daleks are the arch nemesis of the main protagonist in the Doctor Who series and they are constantly trying to invade Earth. The Daleks are a very interesting race created by the evil scientist Davros who besides giving them impenetrable body armor, also eliminated all emotions they could feel, except of course, hatred. All in all, their agenda and overall behavior made many Doctor Who fans associate the Daleks with extremists and fanatics, both political and religious. Because the protagonist believed this race was extinct after the WWII, many fans consider they are a representation of the Nazi regime.


4. Symbiotes

The Symbiotes are an alien race we encountered in several Spider Man movies, although they are present in the Marvel Universe as well. To summarize, a Symbiote is what augmented Spider Man’s super powers. However, because the symbiotic alien also increased Peter Parker’s level of aggression, he decided to get rid of it. But the Symbiote is a highly adaptable race that soon after found two other hosts who are currently two of the greatest foes of Spider Man, namely Carnage and Venom.


5. Vogons

The Vogons are part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and one of the best antagonists ever created. The main quarrel humankind has with the Vogons comes from the fact that this slug-like species wants to destroy Earth in order to create a galactic highway. On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that wanting to destroy our planet is nothing compared to their bureaucracy, aggressiveness and poetry (which is voted as one of the worst in the galaxy).


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