Top 10 Strangest Murder Motives

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The world is a big and fascinating place where seven billion unique personalities, each with individual beliefs, values, preferences, complexes and frustrations have to co-exist. Looking from a broad perspective, the disparity between people stands as living proof that world peace and serenity are impossible.

While we sometimes feel the need to “murder” another person when he gets on our nerves, few of us actually act on this instinct. Among those who do, few have distinguished themselves in history, particularly due to the reasons that determined them to end somebody’s life.


1. Supplying bodies for medical practice

In a tough economy, an innovative business idea is a surefire way of making a profit, but William Hare and William Burke took things a bit too far. In a time when the number of medicine students was constantly increasing and the study materials were scarce, they decided to put the fundamental rule of free market economics into practice: they started killing homeless people to fill in the gap. While they did make quite a nifty profit at first, they were soon discovered and arrested.


2. Protection against demons

Some people nowadays are still faithful to old traditions and religious rituals, particularly in parts of the world where the access to information and education are practically inexistent. Simply put, any irregularity from what people are accustomed to is perceived as either a blessing or a curse from the gods. This is also the case of albinos born in certain African countries, who were assassinated simply because the natives believe their parts possess various magical properties and offer protection against evil spirits.


3. I have been sucked into the Matrix

The idea behind certain movies is absolutely amazing and provides an unique point of view regarding life that many of us wish was true. This is the case of Vadim Mieseges who practically butchered his landlady, cut her into little pieces and spread them all across the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. When he finally turned himself in, the authorities were confused to see a perfectly normal man with an above average financial situation committing murder. However, when he declared that his behavior comes from the fact that he got sucked into the Matrix all the pieces of the puzzle made sense.


4. Losing the internet connection

What would you do if your internet connected failed precisely when you were in the middle something important? While most people will obviously get angry, some will decide to channel their frustration on the first person they see. A few years ago, a young girl got stabbed in the street simply because a passionate (if not obsessed) Starcraft fan lost a match due to a failure the internet connection. Fortunately, the girl she made it, while her aggressor was placed immediately in psychiatric care.


5. Talking on the phone in a movie theater

Truth be told, there is nothing more infuriating then going to see a movie you have been waiting for quite some time and having your whole experience ruined by rude individuals who start talking out loud. However, sometimes it is best to keep quiet and hope that they will eventually shut up: at times, you can get people so annoyed with your complaints that they will decide to stab you with a meat thermometer. The unfortunate event took place when “Shattered Island” was released; while it is a good movie, it’s not really worth a person’s life.


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