Top 10 Rebels Of All Time

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Irrespective of whether they build an army and earn their nation’s freedom or they are simply running from a death sentence, there is something about rebels that can’t go by unnoticed. For most people, it really does not matter if the cause they are fighting for makes sense or if it is correct; the masses just admire them for the mere fact that they had the courage to stand up usually against powerful oppressive forces and never give up fighting for what they believe in. Following is a top of the most remarkable rebels throughout history.


1. George Washington

In all honesty, if you were to look at George Washington’s actions as a whole, you will soon realize that one of the most beloved Founding Fathers was a rebel. After he gained his military skills in the service of the English and fought the French and Indians, George Washington went against the laws of the British and earned the United States of America’s independence.


2. Spartacus

Spartacus is the most notable leader of the slaves in the Third Servile War against an extremely powerful Roman Empire. After escaping from a gladiator school, he created a resistance movement in a strategic position near Mount Vesuvius. Although he led several successful campaigns against Rome’s legionnaires for almost two years, he took an awkward decision: he turned his forces around and helped the Roman army fight off a last stand. Historians at the time claim that Spartacus’s forces were decimated on the battlefield and the fate of the leader is unknown, since his body was never found.


3. Pancho Villa

Doroteo Arango, mostly known as Pancho Villa is one of the most symbolic figures of the 1910 Mexican revolution. Born in a poor family, he was forced to live in exile at the early age of 16 simply because he shot the administrator of the hacienda for attempting to rape his sister. Although initially he supported General Huerta, Pancho Villa got into a conflict with him and was condemned to death. Luckily, the president changed his punishment to imprisonment from which he escaped. Pancho Villa started fighting against General Huerta’s forces and later on became the governor of a Mexican state.


4. William Wallace

Throughout history, noblemen have always sat together; all noblemen except William Wallace who got into a conflict with the Scottish high nobility because he would simply not recognize King Edward I as the rightful successor to the throne. Therefore, he built his own army and claimed two important victories despite the fact that his army was greatly outnumbered. Unfortunately, betrayal was very common during Wallace’s times, so he got captured and condemned to death by hanging.


5. Giuseppe Garibaldi

If you were to check out Giuseppe Garibaldi’s biography, you will conclude that he lived his entire life as a rebel. Exiled in South America after the failed insurrection of Giuseppe Mazzini, he came back to Italy and defended Rome from a French invasion. Twelve years later (1860), Garibaldi fought for the liberation of Italy with the help of the British Navy. Unfortunately, he was captured in battle and imprisoned for several years. When Garibaldi was released, he got received a seat in the Italian parliament and became an important and highly respected political figure of his time.


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