Top 10 Rebels Of All Time

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6. Akhenaten

History records show that it is very likely that the rebel pharaoh of Egypt, Akhenaten was not really the first choice as ruler; yet, the suspicious death of his older brother brought him on the throne and allowed him to open a very interesting chapter in Egyptian history. It is sufficient to note that the reign of Akhenaten was so scandalous that the entire Egypt put an effort to erasing his name from the temples: he rebelled against the entire pantheon of Egypt and established there is only one god, Aten.


7. Galileo Galilei

A brilliant mathematician, astronomer, physicist and doctor, Galileo Galilei can be considered one of the most important scientists of the Middle Ages. In an age where the Church reigned supreme and nobody dared to contest its authority, Galilei came with an incredible hypothesis that was in direct opposition with the position of the Catholic Church: the Earth revolves around the Sun and not vice versa. Trialed and convicted in spite of the notes of the Church’s mathematicians who stated that his observations were correct, he never gave up on studying the mysteries of the universe.


8. Mohandas Gandhi

Gandhi will remain one of the most prolific leaders in the 20th century history. Having sacrificed himself for the amity of India, he represents the emblematic image of the fight against racisms, colonialism and violence. Even though he was raised according to the Hindu religion, he practiced a universal Hinduism and strongly believed that all men should be treated as equals irrespective of gender, social class and religion. If it wasn’t for Gandhi, India would not be the country it is today.


9. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The fight against racism in the United States started with Rosa Parks, a brave woman who simply refused to conform to an oppressive system and its ridiculous laws. After that point there was no turning back: just 4 days after the incident, Martin Luther King, Jr. was elected as the head of the new protest group and become the vector for the civil rights movement. If Dr. King would have conformed to hypocritical rules just like the rest of the people, it is very likely that the US would not have an African- American president at this point.


10. Robin Hood

Even though historians cannot confirm or infirm his existence, Robin Hood remains the eternal illustrative rebel of all times. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, Robin Hood was allegedly a wronged nobleman who decided to put an end to King John’s corrupted reign. Regardless of whether he was a fictional character or a real person, one fact is for sure: Robin Hood incorporated an early and very consistent concept of an ideal socialism where people can enjoy equal rights.


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