Top 10 Repulsive Halloween Treats

Halloween is always fun- no matter how old you are. Children look forward to dressing up and trick or treating after which they eat the candy they collect for the rest of the year!

When it comes to Halloween treats, the more disgusting the better. There are exceptions to these rules and some candy types don’t sit well with children or adults.


Surveying 400 people, we’ve made a list of 10 repulsive Halloween treats no one wants to eat.


1. Good n’ Plentys

These candies are pink and white in color and while the exterior is sweet and yummy, the middle part is as bad. It tastes horrible and you will find yourself turning green and begging for mercy if you put too many in your mouth. Spitting them out will not make much of a difference as the aftertaste is as bad.


2. Hotlix Candy

These candies are basically prepared by throwing in massive amounts of sugar into a pan and adding a few dead scorpions for good measure. That’s right- these candies are sugary and disgusting- the perfect combination!


3. Dubbel Zout

These are in the form of licorice flavored balls which are doused in salt. It does not look appealing from an angle as it is shaped like a capsule. A salty pill-shaped candy- just what kids want for Halloween!


4. Apples

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but give the kids a break on Halloween and do not hand out apples when they stretch out their trick or treat bags in your direction. They will probably throw the fruit at your door once you turn your back.


5. Gorilla Boogers


These are black in color and taste a bit like mud that has been sprinkled with sugar. If you go through the ingredients, you will realize that the candy is made of black beans that have been sun dried so that they look as attractive as they do.


6. Jolly Ranchers

These are jelly-like and will stick to your teeth and your fingers. They don’t taste all that good so the overall effort is really not worth it. Besides, the grape flavored ones taste like cough medicine that is way past its expiry date.


7. Smarties

These are in the form of small discs that come in different flavors and pastel colors. If you taste dust and taste on of these, you will definitely like the former because Smarties are not only flavorless but also power-like and quite revolting, to say the least.


8. Super-cheap lollipop

These taste horrible and the poor child will keep waiting for the treat to get sweeter or somewhat better but it won’t. Try munching on an old shoe if you want to know what a cheap lollipop tastes like.


9. Crick-ettes

These are as delicious as the Hotlix candies. In this case, the scorpions have been replaced by juicy and dead crickets that will explode in your mouth when you reach the middle portion of these candies. The intestines will slide down your throat effortlessly and once you realize that, they will come out as easily.


10. BeanBoozled

BeanBoozled candies come in 20 flavors but only 10 colors. This means that there are two candies of the same color and while one of them will taste good, the other will either taste like ear wax or vomit. The catch here is that you never know what you may get so if you take a handful of these candies from your trick or treat bag thinking they are jellybeans or the like, you may or may not get the shock of your life!

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10 Responses

  1. John

    Half of these candies are pretty good, it’s your opinion on what you like but who’s to say that no one else like’s these candies??

  2. Emily

    I’ve got to disagree with you on 1,6,7 and 8. I’d be interested to see which kinds of sweets you actually like. Also, you neglected to mention a true offender, the black/orange peanut butter things.

  3. del

    ok, gotta call you out on Jolly Ranchers – they are hard, not “jelly-like” and they are delicious! (seriously, some of the best tasting hard candy ever!)

  4. al

    actually i have eaten most of those candies arent even as u say they r. The scorpions actually turned out to be pretty good. Jolly ranchers r delicious. And the crickets dont explode in ur mouth. But it also depends on what u like.

  5. Michael

    I love smarties and shouldn’t reeses peanut butter cups be on there for kids who have peanut allergies?


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