Top 10 Tips When Travelling With Children

Whether you are wanting to take a trip abroad or visit a new part of the country, travelling is a great adventure and we are lucky to have so many variations of transport to choose from. However, journeys can be delayed or even cancelled, and if travelling with kids, your dream break away could become a nightmare.

If you will be travelling with kids in the near future, you may want to make a note of these top 10 tips:


1. Be prepared with some inexpensive wrapped toys

Will your journey take in excess of three hours? If so then we recommend that you come prepared with some inexpensive wrapped toys. Every hour or so, give your toddler a gift to unwrap and they will be entertained throughout the journey.


2. Have a tablet with you

Have a tablet with you and download a couple of apps that are sure will entertain your kids. The amount of apps will depend on the duration of the journey and your kids’ attention span. If flying, make sure you have the tablet on flight mode.


3. Be prepared with bottles

Babies need regular feeding and coming prepared with bottles premade with milk powder will save you time. There are some mixtures that can be made up using mineral water. However, if you want hot milk, you can find travel milk warmers in most shops.


4. Have a window shade

When travelling in the car have a window shade to help your kids sleep. It could also be a good idea to see what toys can be clipped onto the car seat to keep them occupied.


5. Always bring a potty with you

Car journeys can be a nightmare when your little one wants to constantly go, so be prepared – having a potty with you will also make your child feel more comfortable.


6. Pack enough food and drink

If there are any delays or cancellations and your children are hungry they can be quite demanding, especially when they are bored.


7. Be aware of the yellow line

When getting onto a tube or train make them aware of the yellow line and tell them that they can’t cross it until the train comes to a standstill. Always have them holding your hand as well, unless they are 12 and think it’s un-cool to hold mum’s hand.


8. Avoid the rush hour on the tube

If you have young children, avoid the rush hour on the tube and plan your journey wisely (end tube carriages are less compact, so should be more family friendly).


9. Grab a seating area with a table

Children love trains and buses. They can see who is coming on and who is going off, they can ring the bus bell and when on a train they can be quite interested in the mechanics and the noises it makes. When travelling on a train try and grab a seating area with a table so they can draw and have a special packed lunch for them.


10. Prebook seats

If planning a journey abroad try to pre-book your seats on the plane to ensure that the family is sitting next to each other. A window seat can also be a great advantage when wanting to keep the kids entertained.

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