Top 10 Practices in Customer Behavior Segmentation

No two individuals or in this case customers are the same. However, there are certain groups of people/customers that may be very much alike. These customers may fall into the same category based on similar items they bought, how much they spent, the typical amount they purchased and so on.

Top 10 Contestable Mental Disorders

The psychiatrists with more radical points of view even suggest that this science has been recurrently utilized to stigmatize people and keep them under control. Let's summarize the top 10 controversial mental disorders from the past and present.

Top 10 Strangest Buildings In The World

Modern architecture allows the introduction of new paradigms in regards to the functionality and structure of buildings as well as a vision of the future. Following are some examples of buildings across the world that fit this description.

Top 10 Amazing Ghost Towns

When someone says the phrase ‘ghost town’, they don’t mean a town inhabited by ghosts and ghouls; they mean a town which is not inhabited at all. There are certain towns and places which are...