Meeting the Favourite Top 10 Cartoon Character Through Online Games

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An online game featuring favourite cartoon characters, for example the cat and the mouse from the Tom and Jerry cartoon, is an excellent way to “get to know” them. Characters in online games can be programmed to behave in ways that bring them to life for the fans – in other words, if you like Tom or Jerry and you get to play at being them, then you enjoy both the game and the cartoon more than you did.

1. Tom and Jerry games

The Tom and Jerry cartoon is famous for its anarchic wranglings between cat and mouse – so famous, in fact, that it has practically single handedly perpetuated the myth of an age old war between the two species. Condemned by some overly PC people in these days of enhanced sensitivity to just about everything, Tom and Jerry serves up an astonishing amount of violence per square inch of celluloid (or whatever it is they use these days to record cartoons on) – something that clearly hits a resonating chord with some of the children who watch the show!


2. Adventure Games

Adventure games based games are mostly fighting or action games for this reason – and basically give children and adult players alike the opportunity to replicate some classic cartoon beatings in a fun gaming environment. Clanging saucepans and comedy bruises aplenty make Tom and Jerry titles the perfect way to enjoy the show when the show itself isn’t available!


3. Scooby Doo games

Of course the favourite cartoon character doesn’t have to be Tom or Jerry. There are hundreds of much loved cartoons out there, from the Tom and Jerry cartoon to Scooby Doo.


4. Ben 10 games

There are also hundreds of potential platforms for, or reasons to play, downloadable and Ben 10 games. From taking five out of a busy day at the office, to whiling away the rainy hours of a Saturday afternoon, cartoon based games are light-hearted, fun and involving.


5. Batman games

There are plenty of reasons why they’re so good – a lot of them are simply to do with the talent of the game designers – but one of the main ones is that they score over other versions of the same game by being able to personalise using cartoon characters. If you are, for example, a fan of the Batman games– then in a world where you have a choice of several different action games, you will always play the one featuring the batman and its character.


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