Top 10 Comedy Movies Featuring Zombies

Every movie enthusiast knows that the productions featuring zombies went practically dead and buried in the 1990s. Back then, the public became so oversaturated with the ideas of the films featuring zombies that they couldn’t be bothered to watch yet another horror movie with these creatures, ever again. Well, that didn’t take long and the living dead took the movie industry by storm once more in recent years.

Also, they became central characters in another type of productions; the comedies. We have to admit that zombies and comedies constitute a pretty interesting combination that hits the spot. Following is a top ten of the comedies featuring zombies that every “zomedy” fan should check out:


1. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Featuring Simon Pegg, Shaun of the dead is the most representative movie of its genre, combining an incredible zombie carnage, a romantic story and the notorious British conversational wit. The story revolves around Shaun, the main character who decides to turn his life around by reconciling with his step father and winning back his ex-girlfriend, all with the help of his chubby friend. While Shaun tries to win back the most important women in his life, he also has to deal with the entire community of his small town who are now zombies.


2. FIDO (2007)

The plot of this “zom com” takes place in 1950’s in suburbia America; you know the period of the white fence houses, soldiers coming home from the war and the times when prejudice ruled the land. Isn’t that the perfect time to have a zombie servant? In order to avoid any spoiler, it suffices to say that FIDO is the hilarious and adventurous counterpart of classical movies featuring a boy and his best friend the dog).


3. American Zombie (2008)

While the movie could easily create the impression of a faux documentary at first glance, it is actually among the best zomedies ever released. The storyline revolves around the daily lives of a quiet community near Los Angeles. As you probably guessed, the zombie community can talk, act and think just like the people with whom they are trying to co-exist. Oh, do expect the whole eating human issue.


4. Creatures from the Pink Lagoon (2006)

Even though some felt offended by what they perceived as an insult to the gay community, the truth is that the story behind Creatures from the Pink Lagoon is actually well written. The plot starts with a group of friends who want to celebrate a birthday party at a secluded cottage. However, due to a “small” incident, their party is interrupted by an outbreak of zombies that come from a nearby restroom, which is frequented by gay people. You can imagine the dialogues and the actions.


5. Dead and Breakfast (2004)

As the name of the zomedy suggests, the story takes place at a bed and breakfast where a group of friends heading to a wedding decide to spend the night. However, they accidentally unleash some evil spirits that turn the entire town’s population into zombies. The strong cast and the ongoing musical narrations represent two of the strongest points of the movie.


6. Dead Snow (2009)

Even though it was released too soon after the much more successful vampire movie, Let The Right One In, the truth is that Dead Snow is still very funny and engaging. The story takes us to a remote ski lodge in Norway, where a group of seven teenagers plans a small getaway from the busy town. However, the trouble arises not long after they settle in, when they become the targets of vengeful Nazi zombies who are keen on eating them.


7. Night of the Living Dorks (2005)

The best way to describe this zom com would be to state that it is better version of the infamous American Pie. Only, this one is featuring with zombies. The plot presents a group of less popular high school boys who decide to try out a forbidden voodoo ritual. Even though they believe the ritual does not have any effect, later on they all die in a car accident and come back as zombies. The moral of the zomedy is very simple: Who says that being dead is a bad thing after all?


8. Undead (2003)

Perhaps the most interesting element of the movie is how the zombies come to be. To summarize, a small fishing village in Australia is literarily bombarded with meteorites that turn almost the entire population into ravenous living dead. As you can imagine, not everyone gets infected and the small group composed of the five protagonists remains unharmed because they took shelter in an isolated farmhouse. Each of the characters has an uniquely humorous personality and all of them find themselves in unusual circumstances while trying to get out of ground zero.


9. Zombie Strippers (2008)

Truth be told, the plot of Zombie Strippers starts out as a rather boring cliché: a secret government weapon gets accidently released and turns the people in the surrounding areas into zombies. But, that sums up the entire list of clichés you will find in the movie. The virus is basically released in a highly conservative region in Nebraska at a strip club and it turns all the clientele and the strippers into zombies. What will the girls do? Will they conform to their new faded skin even though there is no turning back? Given the fact that the zomedy takes place in a time where former US president George Bush Jr. gets re-elected the fourth time, you can only imagine the dialogue and the action of the movie.


10. Dance of the Dead (2008)

Similarly to Zombie Strippers, at first Dance of the Dead does not seem more than another stereotypical teenager-themed movie. The plot revolves around a high school student who is on a very difficult mission: he must win back his girlfriend. The main character, you guessed it right, was not very popular and was unable to get a date for the prom night. But this is also the exact reason why he is not affected by the infestation from the nearby nuclear plant. Essentially, it is up to him to get the girl he loves and save the entire school from the ravenous living dead.


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