Top 10 Lies You Tell Yourself

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6. I can’t break away from those who hurt me

The perfect example for this consists of unhappy marriages and relationships that just keep going in spite of the fact that everybody can see they are completely dysfunctional. In this situation, there is always the abused person who is too afraid to break away from the abuser, but who cannot define the object of fear. Considering how short our lives are, there is no serious motive to remain involved in a relationship that doesn’t make you feel content and that only brings along pain.


7. My world is missing too much for me to be happy

Desire is one of the first reasons for unhappiness, as the Buddhist philosophy teaches us. People who have a propensity for focusing on the things they don’t have rather on the positive aspects of their life are bound to be discontent. Regardless of how much wealth they attain, they always want more and more, but sadly they don’t realize the error of their ways before they are on the deathbed. When you are ascending towards the mountaintop, you shouldn’t think about how far you still have to climb. Instead, contemplate about the distance you conquered so far.


8. The aspirations I have are simply beyond reach

This one is pretty common for those who are afraid to take risks and who end up on the easy – but significantly less satisfying – road because of it. However, this issue also emerges when we let the negative misconceptions of others guide our road in life. Remember, anything that is actually worth trying will always be difficult.


9. Unsuccessful relationship only bring pain and misery

Just like failure in general, unsuccessful relations can bring along important life lessons that can shape our character and personality. When you get involved in a relationship, you have no guarantee about the outcome aside from certain basic indicators and your judgment. Nobody says that you should prolong a dysfunctional relation for more than you have to, but try to understand the reasons why it didn’t work and the mistakes on your end.


10. There’s no way the future can bring good fortune for me

Luck is a relative concept that can have very different significations for every individual. Giving up after a series of unfortunate events and blaming your luck for it might seem easy at first, but it is also a completely wrong approach. After all, nobody has a perfect life, but some of us learn how to adapt and take the blows gracefully rather than moping around and wallowing in self pity.


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