Top 10 Ways Tim Hortons Has Changed Since 2000

Like many coffee shops around North America, Tim Hortons has seen a number of changes throughout the years. 10 things on this list is a comparison of how the company has changed since 2000.


1. Frozen items:

Almost all items come frozen at Tim Hortons. They are not fully cooked when they are delivered to Tim Hortons stores. Stores use conventional and always fresh ovens to finish the baking and cooking process.


2. Breakfasts:

About 6 years ago, Tim Hortons introduced a breakfast program to compete with McDonald’s and other chains which were already serving breakfast sandwiches. Before the introduction of breakfast sandwiches, customers only could choose from bagels and egg salad sandwiches.


3. Pre-cut bread:

Breads have also changed within the last few years. Tim Hortons staff no longer have to cut the bread. The items come frozen and precut. The breads are not fully cooked until they are placed in an always fresh oven.


4. Cups sizes:

In January of 2012, the cup sizes changed. Tim Hortons no longer uses the small, medium, large and extra-large model. They now have the extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large cups. Their XL is the biggest cup on the retail market.


5. No Cakes:

Previously Tim Hortons sold cakes and other items which were not their originals (i.e. eclairs, coffee cakes). Most stores have eliminated this and have focused their attention on donuts, cookies, muffins, croissants & danishes.


6. More drink options:

Tim Hortons customers can now experience more coffee options than ever before. They can now order lattes, white hot chocolates, yogurt smoothies, iced coffees. This was not readily available 10-12 years ago.


7. Sysco:

Sysco used to be a company that would distribute food items to Tim Hortons stores. When they decided to go on strike a number years back, Tim Hortons changed its delivery options. They now have their own trucks which distribute both dry and frozen food items to the stores.


8. Healthy:

Tim Hortons has tried to implement healthier options on its menu. In recent years it has provided yogurts, smoothies and wraps which are served with whole wheat pitas.


9. Tea:

Since the introduction of steeped tea, the tea products and their prices have changed. In order to get consumers to try to buy steeped tea, Tim Hortons implemented differing prices for differing cup sizes of tea. No longer would consumers have to pay the same amount for tea regardless of cup size.


10. Sweetener:

Many stores began serving artificial sweetener with the coffees and teas. Many stores now carry Splendid which is a healthier option.


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