Top 10 Reasons to Support Gay Marriage

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1. Supporting Equality.

Discrimination leads to anger, resentment, and unnecessary pain. Being able to look beyond your perspective can help you learn and grow.


2. Supporting Families.

There are many gay and lesbian people who would make wonderful parents. There are also many children who would benefit from these parents. Marriage supports the idea of a unified family.


3. Discrimination is negative.

Negative emotions exert much more energy than do positive emotions. Why not exert only positive emotions by being accepting?


4. Withholding rights hurts.

Research from other discriminated groups shows that withholding rights leads to larger issues. Mental health is negatively impacted by discrimination, which sociologically and economically impacts us all.


5. Marriage supports love.

For a couple that has a priority of marriage, such a ceremony/ritual promotes love. Discrimination denies a positive, yet harmless experience for others.


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