Top 10 Ways to Drink a Beer

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Beer, the nectar of the gods is a drink enjoyed by many. No matter what language you may speak or what part of the world you live in, it translates perfectly; in fact, if beer was a language, it would be default.

With beer becoming ever more popular and with people becoming more inventive, the days of drinking a beer out of a standard pint glass will soon be obsolete. Sure, after a hard day’s work, a cold bottle of beer while relaxing watching TV goes down a treat, but every now and then the party hat goes on and sipping a beer out of a can just isn’t cool enough.


1.The Chug

The classic chug! Out of all beer drinking techniques, the plain chug is probably the most common; the reason being the equipment needed. As long as you have a beer in hand (the guy above is going to the extreme) and a friend then you can both participate. The aim of the game is to try and down your beer in one go, straight from the bottle/can/glass.


2.Yard of Ale

A yard of ale – also known as a yard glass – is a glass that holds 2.5 pints and yes you guess it, the glass is 1 yard long. The idea is to challenge someone to see how long it takes them to drink the full yard, but with 2.5 pints, that’s easier said than done. A guy did get into the Guinness Book of Records with a time of 5 seconds…the machine!


3. Das Boot

If you have ever seen the movie, Beerfest, then you will know exactly what Das Boot is! Think of it as a modified Yard of Ale glass with less beer. You will be surprised to hear that the translation is actually “The Boat.”


4. The Beer Hat

The Beer Hat: The lazy man’s way to drink a cold one! Why hold a beer when you don’t have to? In fact, why hold just the one, why not two? If you have ever asked yourself these questions then the Beer Hat is for you. Although the practicality of them with you often spilling beer if not careful isn’t the best, the amazement factor of wearing one is well worth it.


5.Flip Cup

Think Beer Pong is overrated? Then Flip Cup is for you. Considered one of the Mother of all drinking games, Flip Cup is a simple drinking games that gets everyone playing and everyone drinking. As long as you are able to flip a cup from the edge of the table then you will be fine.


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