Top 10 Amazing Ghost Towns

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When someone says the phrase ‘ghost town’, they don’t mean a town inhabited by ghosts and ghouls; they mean a town which is not inhabited at all. There are certain towns and places which are completely deserted and most probably dangerous to visit, if not illegal in some circumstances. Here are ten amazing ghost towns from around the world.

1. New City of Chenggong, China

The new city of Chenngong was originally designed for the purpose of it being an overspill point for the nearby city of Kunming. The city of Kunming has a population of nearly seven million. However, no-one ended up moving there except a handful of students and security guards. With abandoned luxury malls, stadiums and thousands of buildings untouched – it is one of Asia’s biggest largest ghost towns.


2. Kolmanskop, Namibia

This small ghost town in Southern Namibia was heavily popular in the early 20th century only became a town when people discovered that there were diamonds to be harvested. However, after the diamond reserves were exhausted; everyone left. The town now is empty as a bucket with a hole, gathering sand being blown in from the dunes.


3. Prypiat, Ukraine

Prypiat is perhaps Europe’s most famous ghost town, affected solely by the Chernobyl disaster. The town is completely deserted, and there are still nuclear readings in the town. The population was near to 50,000 before the reactor went into meltdown.


4. Wonderland Amusement Park, China

Just before the turn of the millennium, developers tried to construct a theme park alike Disney…but failed. The park now grows green with the crops of local farmers.


5. Gunkanjima, Japan

Gunkanjima is a completely uninhabited island just outside of Nagaski. At the end of the 19th century, Mitsubishi bought the island in an effort to harvest coal from the surrounding sea. Over the course of the next sixty years the island became a community for all its workers. However, coal ran its course as petroleum took over in the world and the once thriving island became a ghost town.


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