Top 10 Awkward Moments Caught with Google Street-View Technology

Google Maps Street View Technologies does a good job capturing the panoramic view of thousands of streets across the world. Most of the streets covered are those driven by car. Areas not accessible by car, like pedestrian areas, narrow streets and alleys are sometimes covered by Google Trikes or snowmobiles.

Since 2008, the technology has pretty much captured it all, including the following 10 things:


1. Public Urination:

There are plenty of pics of men urinating in public. In fact one man in France took Google to court in February of 2012 over a photo it published online through a street view application showing him urinating in his backyard. He believed that he was a laughing stock of his village as a result. His lawyer argued that everyone has a right to their own secrecy.


2. Marriage Proposal:

Some go to extremes to propose like one man who proposed in a TV commercial. Rand wanted to propose to his girlfriend Geraldine in a unique and romantic way. So he created his own website with knowledge of search engine optimization. His idea came to fruition in2006 and the order to buy some ad space during 2007 NFL. Then there was Michael Weiss-Malik, who planned ahead of time and stood at the side of the road with many others as Street View pictures were being updated. There are many other intentional and non-intentional cases.


3. Capsized Cruise Liner:

When a typhoon slams into a cruise liner, it usually capsizes. The cruise/hotel was docked in South Korea when it was hit by 135 mph winds of typhoon Maemi in 2003. All captured on Google earth.


4. Pants down low:

A guy was pictured sitting at the side of a road with his pants down. It was done in broad daylight on High Street, Langholm, U.K.


5. Dumped in a trunk:

A man was pictured in Mannheim, Germany, sitting naked in his trunk and on his driveway. Who ever thought that Hangover 3 was being filmed in Germany? Anyone? Why naked for all the neighbours to see?


6. Skeletal Guy in Scooter:

One guy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada decided to wear a skeleton costume to hide his fatness and obesity as he drove his scooter across the street. Google was there to film it all. Can you imagine, if Kramer from Seinfeld was driving along. Could this man be worse than the bra-less wonder from the sitcom who wore the bra as a top?


7. Ass Show:

A plumber in Netherlands was working on the side of street when his pants slid down to reveal his but crack. The Google Streetview technology was there to film it all. At least his face was not seen, but his partner may not be so lucky. Could the partner have known about the pictures in advance?


8. Itchy Pants:

A woman was walking down Cedar Town, U.K. when she felt an itch in her pants. She tried to adjust as the camera zoomed in.


9. UFOs:

Two mysterious, but identical UFOs were observed on Google Maps on September 28, 2012 almost 1000 miles apart. This raised many questions as to what they are and how there were photographed in the first place.


10. Plane:

Check this out It looks as though the plane landed right on top of the buildings.


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