Top 10 Best Performing Companies to Work For

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6. Apple:


The company is a multinational corporation co-founded by the late Steve Jobs. The company has 357 retail stores in 10 countries as of July 2011. Its sales keep rocketing and total $108.2 billion in 2011. It was chosen as the most admired companies by Forbes.How high can Apple Inc. reach? This juggernaut is now closing in on $500 per share, a dramatic increase, in comparison to  the company’s stunning performance over the last decade.

How big has Apple become? It’s now worth more, in terms of its market capitalization, than Google and Microsoft combined. The company’s latest rise in stock prices were coupled with the release of the new iPad3 in early 2012.

So what’s driving Apple’s elevated valuation? The answers lie in their sizzling financial performance: In the last quarter of 2011, the company reported a profit of $13.1 billion on sales of $46.3 billion. And of course, we cannot forget that Apple has nearly $100 billion in cash stowed away.


7. Toyota:

Toyota has gained significant strides to become the global leader in hybrid-electric cars with the decline of operations of US carmakers. Toyota ended the year closing in to the coat tails of US car giant General Motors just short of 3000 units of cars sold.

Toyota recently got the “gold medal” for developing bilateral and multilateral knowledge sharing routines with suppliers that resulted in superior inter-organizational or network learning. Toyota is widely recognized by both Japanese and U.S. firms as a leader in continuous learning and improvement.

There are a number of reasons to examine Toyota’s practices in greater detail in this top 10 article. First, Toyota is the largest Japanese company and continues to be voted by Japanese executives as the best managed and the also the most respected Japanese company. Second, the most rapid diffusion of lean production techniques (i.e., kanban and inventory reduction) has occurred within Toyota and its suppliers.


8. General Motors:

In 2009, GM retained its 9th spot as it braces for the further economic problems. The Company’s financial loss for 2008 is estimated at $39 Billion and is expected to be hounded with problems as it faces fierce competition from its fierce rival, Toyota. In 2011, its ranking has improved on Fortune 500 by 1 spot. It has come out from bankruptcy with $20 billion in public offerings.


9. ING Group:

Amidst the turbulent situation in the financial sector, the ING Group is the only financial outfit which made it to Top 10. Part of the reasons for the performance of the company was the successful implementation of its streamlining of its core businesses and aggressive marketing programs.

Their exemplary behavior is rooted in their mission statement, which states “ING’s mission is to set the standard in helping our customers manage their financial future. ING aims to deliver financial products and services in the way that our customers want them delivered: with exemplary service, convenience and at competitive prices.”



10. Ford Motors:

Ford is an American multinational corporation first began in 1903. It is now the second largest automaker in the U.S. and also the 5th in world auto-sales (as of 2010). Since the economic crisis in 2009, Ford has been able to reduce its debt from $33.6 billion to $14.5 billion. It was ranked # 10 on Forbes Fortune 500 in 2011.

Ford continues to be rated among the top companies in the world in terms of its corporate social responsibility; reporting by “Tomorrow’s Value: The Global Reporters.” Ford is also the only automaker among the top 25 of the 50 companies to demonstrate best practices in corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility surveys measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognized corporate social responsibility standards. To be included, companies must have a transparent commitment to sustainability.

Ford is also listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes’ annual review of global sustainability leaders, and it is among companies that have been included in the DJSI’s best-in-class lists. DJSI tracks the economic, environmental and social performance of the leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide. Ford has been included in the DJSI for five years in a row and for good reason.


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