Top 10 Most Popular Sports Websites

Sports is a hugely popular online category across the world with billions of people visiting a sports website every year. People mostly enjoy following their various sports online and are constantly updated with the latest developments. There are a number of popular sports websites to turn to for the latest developments. These websites provide news, gossip and opinions about almost every sport imaginable.



The website primarily covers North American sports. It stands as the most popular sports website in the world, primarily covering NFL, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR. The website also has sections for other sports like soccer, tennis, and boxing and provides live score updates.


2. Yahoo Sports

This is a complete sports website covers most major sporting events in Europe and the North American regions like football, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NASCAR. They also offer live scores on many sport events on their website. The rumours section is one of the most visited pages, as it provides its viewers with up to date gossip.


3. Sports Illustrated

This popular sports website comes in at #3. Owned by Time Warner and with 3.5 million subscribers to their magazine, the website largely covers the sports from the North American regions. The SI photos are tremendously popular around the world. Viewers know where to look to find the breaking news, live scores and daily analysis of all NA sport events.


4. ESPN Cricinfo

One of the most popular sites for cricket news, lives scores and photos. It was originally conceived in the pre-WWW form in 1993 by Dr. Simon King and was acquired by Wisden Group in 2002.


5. Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a major part of the Fox Broadcasting Company (part of News Corporation). It was created in 1994 with Fox’s acquirement of broadcast rights to National Football League games. In the following years, it has televised the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, Bowl Championship Series, as well as the World Cup. ‎


6. BleacherReport

B/R was founded in 2007 by four avid fans of sports. The creators envisioned a more appealing online experience, so they set out to create an amplified outlet for writers with unique voices, a localized network for readers whose favourite teams were undercovered and a civilized community for comments and debates to take place.


7. Everyday Should Be Saturday

The website always looks for input. The two founders left a suggestion box open for comments and questions and of course a long list of vulgarities. This is the site for you, if you want to speak about sports . Speak your mind, because this is one forgotten site that deserves a place on this list.


8. The Sports Network

TSN is the principal, privately owned international sports news company in North America and perhaps the world as well. When you first look at the Sports Network site, you know that what you see is available to you as a branded offering. TSN and the Sports Network cover a large extent of sports information, from NFL to Rugby, MLB to Cricket and nearly everything in- between.


9. The SkyReport

The best sports reporting from around the world, covering sports like Football, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, WWE, Boxing, Tennis and much more. The news is rigorous and resourceful, especially for those who love to bet.


10. Rivals

This site is perfect for those who want to speak to their mind about their favourite or least favourite team. Nothing gets flagged on this website. The site has also interesting articles, highlighting major achievements, scores and also newsworthy material.


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