Top 10 Unlawful Forms Of Punishment

When we think of punishment, spanking, grounding and taking away privileges come to mind. There are other methods parents use. This article sets out to examine some of the more unconventional forms of punishment known to mankind.

What is Corporal Punishment: 

We have all experienced incidences of corporal punishment: when a mother spanks her child,  trying to stop his tantrum because she doesn’t want to buy him/her something; when a father shakes his daughter because she kicked another child; when an adolescent is hit for answering back. It’s not unusual to see hitting, spanking or blows to the neck. Most people living in Spain don’t see corporal punishment as something strange, something to be questioned, and is never too uncomfortable. Even people who think there are good reasons for corporal punishment  often can’t avoid feeling slightly uneasy after meting it out. They don’t feel good about it.

The term ‘corporal punishment’ can be understood in various ways; but can be defined as the following: “Corporal punishment is the use of physical force causing pain, but not wounds, as a means of  discipline.”

Many states in US have banned the use of corporal punishment in schools. It is banned in 31 states and the District of Columbia. However, in some states, school children misbehaving can be disciplined using this unusual form of punishment that does not involve ‘holding a student or struggling with a student.

Some states in the U.S. have even  banned it by law and some by regulation. It has been found that in 2006-2007 school year, 223,190 school children in the U.S. were subjected to physical punishment. This shows an 18% drop since the early 1980s. This trend is steadily decreasing in many states. However, there are many states which have educators and parents, still using it as the only resort of punishment.


1. Savannah Hardin:

This 9 year old died after being forced to run for 3 hours without any stops. The punishment was for lying to her grandmother about candy bars. The girl was severely dehydrated and suffered a number of seizures. Both her grandmother and step mother are facing murder charges. The step mother called the police reporting a seizure and unresponsiveness.

Garrard could be sentenced to death if convicted; Hardin could get life imprisonment.

The “Justice for Savannah Hardin” website includes calls for harsh sentences for the women who were directly responsible for the death of this girl. A “Justice for Joyce Hardin Garrard” page includes supportive posts by relatives and friends and photos of Savannah, Joyce Garrard and her husband, Johnny Garrard. Backers of the women can even order T-shirts for about $15.


2. Tommy Jordan:

Tommy Jordan

He posted a video on Facebook and Youtube to make a solid point. Jordan’s daughter was alleged to have posted curse words at her parents on Facebook. Her dad viewed the comment and made a video where he shot his daughter’s laptop as a form of punishment. He was not happy with her suggestion to get paid to do house chores.


3. Pankaj Singh:

An Indian boy from New Delhi died after being punished in school. The 6 year old fell ill, stopped eating and died after being locked in a dark schoolroom for hours. The punishment was for not doing homework. Parents filed a complaint against the school to the police.


4. Chandler Scott Fallaw:


A 6-year-old boy who often talked too much in class was suspended from 1st grade at Schaumburg Christian School last week after his mother refused to spank him.

Chandler Scott Fallaw, a rambunctious boy, had been piling up disciplinary notes for talking, chewing gum, bringing toys to class and not finishing classwork, said his mother, Michelle Fallaw-Gabrielson. “By no means is my child perfect,” she acknowledged.

The mother never anticipated the ultimatum delivered by the school administration When she arrived to pick up Chandler, the assistant administrator Linda Moreau, told her the school needed assurances that the boy would be disciplined. Either he would get a spanking before he left or he was going to be suspended him.

The mother of course refused and had her son homeschooled.


5. He Liesheng:

This father forced his 4 year old son to run in the snow in just his underpants and shoes. He also took a video of it. Sparking outrage, the father told the press that he wanted his son to develop a masculine temperament. Liesheng has been nicknamed the Eagle Dad.


6. Valerie Borders:


A Jonesboro mother faced charged for forcing her 10-year-old child to walk 4.5 miles to school. Borders was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor in the second degree. Officers determined Borders forced her son to make a 4.5-mile trek to school from their home at Fairview Drive. Nequavion Borders, 10, because he had recently lost his bus-riding privileges for the fifth time.


7. Letter to Citizen:

The citizen

A mother wrote to The Citizen on February 20, 2012 citing the bullying her daughter’s teacher purported. The daughter, in grade 3, and her teacher uses derogatory language as a form of punishment. She would write loser on tests and even call the daughter names. The daughter is completely depressed now and hates school.


8. Become detached:


Many parents and teachers never utilize this method. They resort to the most gruesome methods before thinking of this. All parents need to do is pretend their children are not theirs. Children will definitely listen then.


9. Corporal Punishment -Extreme:


In 1866, a major case was brought under trial. A teacher had struck the child 15-20 times with a whip. The parents of the child felt it was an unnecessary and brutal act on the teacher’s part. Although, the case was closed, it made people stand up and speak against this barbaric act.

In 1868, many parents in Beverly, Massachusetts wanted the schools to abolish this punishment. The school committee came up with many excuses over the years to keep it as they believed without it the children would become more rowdy.


10. Occupy Protests:

Occupy Wall Street

It is a known fact that police use tazer guns and pepper spray as a tactic against its citizens. These are cruel and unusual punishments. Franklin Lamb, a prominent lawyer believes that punishment is given way before accusations are made.


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