Top Ten Places You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

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1. Dubai

Well, who wouldn’t want to visit the world richest country? Dubai city is one of the brightest and most colourful places in the whole of the world. It’s hard to believe that a few years ago this place was just basically a baron wasteland, but then when they struck oil they made billions and basically everyone is rich that lives here now! you need to come here for a few reasons, the heat (it never goes under 30 degrees centigrade), the food (there is a whole road where every fast food restaurant you can think of is down, the employees come out to your car to serve you.), the shopping (everything is really cheap! plus the world’s largest mall is here)


2. New York

Who doesn’t like New York? It’s crazy one of the best places in the world, there is so much food, so many people and so much to do here at the big apple. Everyone has heard of this iconic city and everyone wants to go, the best times arte either right in the peak of summer in June time, or at Christmas time to see all the lights and street vendors. Nearly every country’s food is in this compact city, from Asian inspired food to family run Italian pizza.


3. Tokyo

If you are into weird things then you need to come here, also you can buy electronics extremely cheap here too. All through Tokyo city is little hidden gems of things that make you go “whoa” such as vending machines that deposit crabs, or watching some sumo wrestling at the ryogoku kokugikan arena.


4. The Bahamas

Oh yeah, everyone loves the Bahamas, imagine it now sat on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in your hand listening to steel drums in the distance. Many popular destinations in the Bahamas are places like Nassau which are extremely popular to the cruise industry and the locals welcome people with great care offering drinks and culinary delicacies. One of the most laid back places in the world. arriving to the Bahamas on a cruise is the only way to arrive in style, seeing the palm trees and the beaches as you dock gives you the true feeling of luxury.


5. Stonehenge

Just near the little countryside county of Wiltshire, this place is extremely eerie, when you come here you have a weird aura around you, you know that this place is special. It’s crazy to think that still no one knows how the huge rocks got on top- of each other, considering how old the structures are. Extremely popular to druids throughout the world, this place is a must see destination.


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