Top 10 Silly Ways To Pull Out A Loose Tooth

Pulling teeth by wiggling and going to the dentist is the conventional way. There are other ways that many people have tried.  Tell me if this shocks you. Some of the ways were shocking: rockets, pliers. Anyone has any other ideas? Hopefully nothing to rash.


1. Pliers:

Ian Boynton could not afford to go to the dentist, so he decided to take action himself. He took a pair of pliers are removed 13 of his own teeth. He was not looked by a dentist for 6 years.


2. Doorknob and string:

Many kids would attach their teeth to a string which is tied to a door. As soon as the tooth is attached they would move back forcing a pull on the tooth.


3. Rocket:

There is a video going around the internet showing people how to do this. I have never seen this happen, but it has occurred before.


4. Towel:

You can bite on a very thick towel to extract your tooth. A hard bite could be the force the tooth needs to be extracted. For sanitary reasons, you should get one that is clean and not similar to a kitchen towel.


5. Doorway:

People who are desperate or were desperate went through the door to get the teeth out. They would ask someone to open the door as they stand too close. This is risk as your face could be hurt. Not recommended for anyone.


6. Dental Floss:

Tying a dental floss to the tooth can also help extract it faster. This is better than the string and the force is subjective. Pain may be felt less.


7. Motorcycle: has an excellent video of someone attempting to remove their teeth with a mini motorcycle. Crazy ideas, I may add, but it is very original.


8. Drugs:

This is something one must fear of, especially children who have healthy teeth. One should also know that drugs cause teeth decay. Charlie Sheen is a perfect example. He lost all his teeth to drugs. Many would never intentionally do drugs to get this result. Think twice before following in Sheen’s direction, we all know where he ended up.


9. Ice Cub:

Someone told me that placing an ice cube at the gums will help the tooth fall out quicker. I have no idea how it works. I believe it freezes the gums. What do you think? Is this a method that you’ve tried before?


10. Twist:

That is an alternative to wiggle that many children use. Works like a charm, but may hurt in the process. Parents-expect some tears  if you let your children try  this method.


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