Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Chanukah

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On Chanukah, the Jewish people light Chanukah candles to remember the Maccabee victory and how the oil burnt for eight days in the holy Temple. This article examines 10 ways people celebrate the holiday in today’s society.


1. Light the Menorah:

Everyone is allowed to light the menorah. It should be lit outside the doorway and at the window after nightfall. You light the middle candle first and begin with the candles on the far right.


2. Games (Dreidel):

Kids enjoy playing games on Chanukah, especially with the dreidel (a top). Each side has acronyms which stand for Nes Gadol Haya Sham which means “A great miracle happened there.”


3. Chanukah Gelt:

Nothing beats Chanukah then Chanukah gelt. Many kids get candy, gifts and even money. It’s one holiday many kids look forward to.


4. Cooking:

Everything cooked should be done in oil. Latkes and donuts are the most popular. You cannot miss eating them. You would not be in the Chanukah spirit otherwise.


5. Crafts/Decorations:

Making crafts are also popular on the holiday. Decorating the home and creating the different crafts will bring up spirits. Kids particularly enjoy making gelt bags which are like stockings during Christmas.


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