Top 10 Crazy Celebrity Mansions

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If you’re a rock star, a basketball player or a Hollywood A-Lister… then well done you. If you’re not, then, like us, you’re probably dying to see how they live. We’ve found the really wacky, but kind of impressive houses you’d expect from the rich and famous. After all, if you’ve ever watched MTV’s “Cribs” and seen some celebs’ identikit show homes, you always feel a sense of disappointment. What’s the point of all that money if you don’t go a bit left-field with the decor?! Worthy of mention, Mariah Carey didn’t quite make the list but she has a closet that houses 1,000 pairs of shoes.


1. Marilyn Manson

He owns the skeletons of a 7ft man and a four year old Chinese girl and collects Victorian prosthetic limbs. So it’s little wonder that the abode of Mr. Manson (aka Brian Hugh Warner) comes in at number one on our list. The garage houses this custom 1969 Lincoln Continental, complete with “Goth Thing” license plate.


2. Spelling Manor

This ridiculous $85m house has 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms. That fact alone just doesn’t add up. The garage houses 100 cars, there’s a bowling alley, flower cutting room and a room dedicated to gift wrapping. Gift wrapping?! It’s now owned by equally humble family, The Ecclestones.


3. John Travolta

A 16 car garage? Well that’s ostentatious, but the private runway sets this house apart from your average suburban semi. He also has a stables for 75 horses down the road. Can you imagine staying over and hearing the resident Boeing 707B or Gulfstream setting off from outside the house?


4. Bill Gates

The ultimate gadget house, naturally. You get a microchip so that when you enter a room it goes to your preferred temperature and music follows you around. A lot of houses have under-floor heating these days, but here even the driveway is heated.


5. Mukesh Ambani

Ironically overlooking the slums of Mumbai, there is 400,000m2 of living space, three helipads, nine lifts and an ice room with real snow, as well as the world’s largest collection of antique sewing machines. Worth $1bn and owned by an Indian billionaire.


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