Top 10 Interesting Things You Should Know About The Black Sea

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Connecting Europe to Asia Minor, the Black Sea is full of surprises and mysteries. From the various theories about how it got its name and rumors about it being the landing point of Noah’s Ark to the gruesome facts, such as the intact bodies still resting at the bottom of the sea, it is surely a place worth visiting. Here are some things you might find interesting about this location:


1. The largest basin to contain anoxic water

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the Black Sea consists in the fact that it is currently the largest anoxic water body (depleted of oxygen) in the world. What this actually means is that the movement between the superior and inferior layers of water is very limited. The lack of oxygen in the lower water layer determines significant temperature differences, both factors making the bottom of the sea inactive. In fact, at around 200 meters of depth, the water contains a hydrogen sulphide zone that makes the presence of any life from impossible.

The Black Sea distinguishes itself via the fact that it has a positive freshwater balance, meaning that it receives more water from rivers and rain than it actually evaporates. The main source of salt water this sea receives comes from the transfer with the Mediterranean Sea. However, the replenishing process performed primarily through the Bosporus is extremely slow (it usually takes hundreds of years). The freshwater and salt water ratio changes according to the seasons, a key factor that has a significant impact on the marine creatures and plants living in the Black Sea.


2. Mysterious ancient shipwrecks

Recent diving expeditions have revealed several wooden shipwrecks perfectly preserved at the bed of the sea. The shipwrecks were dated back to the 3rd and 5th century B.C., a period which is associated with the ascension to glory of the ancient Greece. In addition to the preserved wood shipwrecks, scientists have also discovered the bones of a very large freshwater catfish species. The remains as well as the other items found at the site suggest that the Black Sea represented the crossroad of the Ancient World.


3. The largest underwater river

The mystery of the channels typically found at the bottom of the ocean floor is partially elucidated with the discovery of a very large underwater river in the Black Sea. The underwater river is the first flowing water that is still active and, because it carries sediments across the sea floor, researchers now believe that it has the potential of sustaining life in the inhospitable lower layer of the Black Sea. Sadly, verifying this hypothesis is extremely difficult due to the currents, rapids and waterfalls.


4. The water levels are always the same

Because the low and high tides in the Black Sea are absent, there are not fluctuations in the water levels. Consequentially, the sea surface is always calm, quiet and even serene.


5. Home to many exotic small islands

The Black Sea accommodates ten small islands, all of them incorporating unique eco systems with amazing flora and fauna. Add the fact that the islands are currently part of three different countries and you will understand why visiting these exotic islands is such a thrilling and interesting adventure.


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