Top 10 Gadgets to Consider for this Holiday Season

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The holiday season brings happiness, fun and loads of laughter. And the festive holiday season adds something more by bringing together the whole family, providing the opportunity to spend time with loved ones. For young and old alike, the holiday season brings gifts and showers them with abundant joy. Do you like to surprise your loved ones with modern gadgets? If yes, you need to understand that picking a particular item from the long list of electronic gadgets is hectic. To make your job easy, I have put together some popular gadgets that everyone will go crazy about.


1. iPhone 5

Apple’s products sell like hotcakes, and this holds true for iPhone 5 as well. This device has already managed to grab about 22% of media attention. This phone was released in October and many are still exploring it. But that doesn’t mean it should not feature in the gift list. Siri, the built-in assistant operates on voice commands and this feature is found in iPhone 5. Other interesting features include the dual-core chip, 8 MP camera, video recording in HD, retina display, AirPlay, FaceTime and AirPrint. Everyone aspires to own an iPhone 4S, and there is no doubt that this is the best gift that anyone can get.


2. Kindle Fire

Amazon is still basking in the success of its product Kindle Fire. This is another device that many are looking to own. This is a budget tablet targeting people who like to own a tablet without digging a hole in their pockets. Kindle Fire runs on Android OS and so, thousands of apps can be downloaded and enjoyed. The built-in storage capacity is up to 8GB and can be extended with the help of an additional memory card with increased capacity. Kindle Fire offers a battery life of 8 hours when reading continuously and 7.5 hours when playing videos. If anyone in your family or friends is an avid reader, give them the comfort of using the world’s greatest library anytime, anywhere right at their fingertips.


3. Apple iPad 2 Tablet

This iPad comes with a 64GB capacity and is built-in with Wi-Fi and 3G. The iPad 2 tablet is packed with advanced features and the Multi-Touch screen is a unique feature. It also comes with plenty of apps designed for several purposes. This tablet is packed with a large LED-backlit display and an Apple designed powerful chip. The apps that come with this device can perform several tasks that can never be done in other devices.


4. Xbox 360 (Kinect Bundles)

Xbox 360 might be an old gadget, but this game console is still a fast moving product. It is in demand, and if you have children at home, this would be the best choice. You might be torn apart between Xbox 360 and PS3, but Xbox 360 will be the better choice. They offer exclusive games, better graphics and a multiplayer experience. However, one has to accept that the specifications are a little bad, but still developers find it easy to design games for Xbox 360. It can also be used as a Blu-ray player. Though Kinect and Playstation move prove competition, Xbox 360 remains the favorite of hard core gamers. You can also watch movies and make video conferences.


5. BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook might not have played well in the market but that does not stop customers from purchasing this device. Keeping in mind that BlackBerry was once the pioneer in this industry, there are a bunch of people who remain loyal. This device comes at discounted rates and if you like to gift someone a tablet that costs less, this should be your pick. The reviews for this product might not be that interesting, but it is nice to own a tablet in a way.


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