Top 10 Items Worth Squeezing Into Your Rucksack

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You’ve saved your money, booked your ticket and checked your passport. You’re now ready to leave all the stresses of home behind and embrace your inner traveller by picking up your backpack and heading off into the sunset. Preparation is important and you need to plan ahead in order to have a memorable time. But what you pack might smoothe the journey. To get you up and running, here are ten things you simply must have on your travels.
1. Quick Dry Travel Towel

Hopefully on your travels you’ll come across plenty of pristine blue seas and opportunities for a dip in the pool. The fact that you will likely be on the move quite often and need to pack a lot of stuff in a small space means you’ll need a good travel towel which is quick drying, light weight and folds up small. Antibacterial moistened towels are easily portable and can be invaluable when soap and water is not to hand – it’s worth packing both.
2. 2 Way radio

If you’re travelling with a buddy and indulging in plenty of adventures out and about around the world, a digital two way radio will not only help you share the good times, but ensure you will never get separated or left behind. Look for long battery life and a rugged design.
3. Camera

If those cold winter nights upon your return are getting you down, warm yourself up with a trip down memory lane by taking a look back at your favourite snaps. The big question is whether to risk taking a more expensive camera that will get you better shots or a cheaper model that wouldn’t be the greatest loss if it is stolen or broken.


4. Insect repellent

A must, especially if travelling around Asia or South America. Make sure you get all the appropriate injections before you set off (go see your doctor for all the information you need) and then go belt and braces with a decent insect repellent to ensure you stay safe and avoid any uncomfortable bites. The higher the DEET level, the more protection you will have.


5. International SIM card

A must if you want to stay in touch with your loved ones at home without racking up a phone bill in the thousands. Of course, Skype is always an option and is a good cheap alternative, but when an internet café is nowhere to be seen, a good international SIM card will allow you to travel the earth and ring home without costing the earth.


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