Top 10 Popular Predictions About Doomsday

If you were to check out the success of most Hollywood blockbusters, you would conclude that mankind has an inexplicable attraction towards apocalyptic scenarios. While we cannot explain why we are so fascinated with the end of days, it is impossible to overlook the number of people who have tried to speculate on how and when the world will end.

Considering that we’re currently in 2012, a year which most doomsday prophets have associated to the end of days, we thought it was a good idea to review the apocalyptic theories involving this moment as well as the ones further in the future.


1. World War III

Over the past decades, each international conflict brought to the public’s opinion more and more information about the military capabilities of the most powerful countries in the world. Currently, a great number of theorists strongly believe that a conflict between two super-powers will inevitably mean the start of WWIII and the utilization of nuclear force, which will make the planet inhabitable. However, while a nuclear war is highly unlikely, WWIII is actually a possibility because of several factors: the scarcity of fresh water supply across the globe, the reduced crop production due to harsh meteorological conditions, the economic depression and the limited supply of resources (oil and other fossil fuels).


2. Galactic alignment

The theory of the galactic alignment that will bring forth the end of the world has its roots in the Mayan cosmology interpretation. To summarize, this prediction states that at the winter solstice on 21st of December 2012 the crossing point of the ecliptic (the location of your solar system) will align with the dark center of the galaxy. While this phenomenon takes place once every 36 years, this time it is special as the sun will appear in front of the center of the galaxy. Supporters of the theory claim that the alignment will cause several disturbances on Earth, the most fearsome being that the planet will be sucked in by the black hole located at the center of the Milky Way.


3. Geomagnetic reversal

As geologists observed a dramatic change in the Earth’s magnetic field (it dropped by 6% each century), some believe that the geomagnetic reversal of the poles is inevitable. However, the supporters of this theory cannot calculate the time when this will occur given the fact that the reversals tend to vary from a few thousand years to millions of years. While the effect cannot be predicted, one thing is for sure: if the process were to occur, the planet will be completely exposed to the charged particles emitted by the sun.


4. Solar storms

Once every 11 years, the Sun experiences changes in the magnetic field resulting in massive coronal ejections, solar flares and spots, which combined will send charged particles towards the Earth. As NASA announced in 2012, the solar storms will reach a peak, which can cause severe disturbances on our planet. Currently, the planet is protected by the magnetic field and hence, the solar storms will not make the Earth burst into flames or anything. However, NASA warns that power grids and electric devices can be seriously affected.


5. The super volcano threat

With the help of various sophisticated calculations, scientists have been able to determine an eruption pattern of the planet’s super-volcanoes. Essentially, the eruption of such a volcano will destroy all life on Earth (as it is estimated the sunlight will be blocked out for several years) and will cause the earth to enter a nuclear winter. Among the four super-volcanoes on the planet, Yellowstone has been showing several signs on unrest and, according to calculations, it can erupt at any point.


6. The worldwide pandemic threat

It is easy to understand where this theory came to be if you think about the devastating effects of anthrax pandemic in 2001 as well as the recent outbreaks of swine and avian flu. In addition, let’s not forget about the various biologic weapons that some countries possess and that not even the super-powers of the world are not able to control.


7. Web bot

The web bot is a software application whose initial purpose was to predict stock market trends. However, over the years its pattern of behavior determined some to refer to it as the “prophet of the internet”. So far, web bot was able to release six reports, including the anthrax pandemic and the terrorist attack of 9/11. The last report was issued in 2010 indicating a catastrophic event for 2012, which can be due to either the shift of the magnetic poles or a nuclear war. However, these are just speculations as the prediction offered by web bot mention that the world must consider using sustainable living practices if it wants to survive.


8. The Book Of Revelation (Bible)

John’s Apocalypse is one of the most known books in the Western World, a geographic region where Christianity is the main religion. While the book presents several nightmare scenarios (just think of the 7 trumpets sounded by the angels), the critics claim that the interpretation of the Book of Revelation should not be approached in the literal sense. Nonetheless, this prophecy presents one of the most terrifying end days scenario, considering that it states the Messiah will create a new Earth and a new heaven for His chosen people.


9. The Kali Yuga age (Hindu religion)

The Hindu religion breaks time into four distinct circles, the last one being the Kali Yuga or the Iron Age, also dubbed as the descent into darkness. The sacred Hindu texts claim that the age of the male demon (Kali) is the time when humankind deteriorates greatly, as men forget about moral principles with each passing day. As men discard virtues and continue to sink lower, moral degradation opens the way for suffering, war and illness.


10. The I Ching (Chinese Book of Changes)

The Chinese Book of Change predicts something very similar to the Book of Revelation and the Hindu teachings. Considering that there are at least 12 ancient cultures and sacred text predicting the end of time in this age, it is easy to understand why so many expect cataclysmic event to occur at any moment in 2012.


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