Top 10 Misconceptions About The European Union

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6. Europe does not benefit from competitive technological advancements

Granted, Europe’s technology is no match for that of the United States. Nonetheless, let’s not forget that it is home to many of the world’s high tech companies and the largest particle accelerator at CERN. At the same time, the old continent has a higher percentage of the population on the internet, while the connections are faster and cheaper when compared to those in the rest of the world.


7. The European standards of living are very low

It is probable that this myth has its roots in the claim that the US citizens benefit from a higher average income by comparison with some EU members. On the other hand, while in the US it is estimated that approximately 14% of the population lives in poverty, the rates of most European countries are significantly lower. Therefore, taken as a whole, the standards of living in Europe are actually better than in North America.


8. Most Europeans live on welfare

Simply because Europe does not rely on the same “Wall Street capitalism” as the United States does not make it a welfare entity, as some financial analysts like to call it. Instead, it entails the idea that the EU considers that an economy designed to support a comprehensive social system works best in their case. Besides, the various regulations that promote employee health and their work capacity do not imply the same thing as living on welfare.


9. Europe demands higher taxes compared to the US

The emphasis on a comprehensible social system can be best observed when it comes to paying taxes and what you can receive. Let’s take the health insurance industry for instance: in order to enjoy full spectrum health care, an European will pay a rather small sum typically deducted from his salary. For an American to benefit from the same quality of health care he will have to pay extra, usually out of their pockets. In addition, Americans will also have to watch out for deductibles, hidden taxes and other possible charges. Add all of the aforementioned fees and you will realize the taxes in Europe are lower.


10. The permissive immigration law myth

The success of the European Union as well as the absence of its own Civil Rights movement encourages a massive immigration from the Muslim countries. This fact along with the dropping birth rates determine many to false assume that the EU population is slowly dying and it is being replaced by Muslims. While it is true that many residents from North African countries prefer moving to Europe, it is necessary to mention that Muslim’s do not represent more than 3% of the population nowadays. Overall, the percentage does not raise any concern, considering that Muslims represent 12% of the US population.


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