Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Dating

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Irrespective of one’s self-esteem and confidence, almost everyone is terrified when going on a date in the initial stages of a relationship. A possible explanation for this resides in the fact that people are prone to make simple mistakes that have the potential to ruin the chances of a second date. In fact, most people tend to repeat the same slip-ups and are not even aware of what is it that they are doing wrong. Not to worry though, this guide will help you learn the most common dating “don’ts”. Let me share with you how to get hitched the right way!


1. Getting overly involved too soon

Perhaps one the biggest mistakes a person can make while dating is to assume that you can get to know a person after just a few encounters. However, you simply cannot rush in the true intimacy associated with a relationship, but rather let things flow naturally. The number one reason why people get exceedingly involved with a new romantic partner resides in the fact that they are confusing (or are not aware of) the normal stages of a relationship. Just because the other person enjoys spending a lot of time with you, it does not automatically imply a deep emotional connection.


2. You can’t see the forest from the trees

Overanalyzing your partner and every little aspect of the relationship will inevitably lead to high levels of anxiety and consequentially, kill the mood. Essentially, by thinking too much about what your partner meant, it is easy to draw false conclusions and blow the whole thing out of proportions.


3. Playing games

The past disappointing experiences may determine a person to take action, often unwillingly, in order to protect his/her ego. While it is true that rejection always represents the object of fear, playing it cool all the time will turn your partner off, sooner or later. Therefore, learn to recognize the normal stages of a relationship and respond accordingly. It is normal to be a bit cautious and it is also natural to put your best foot forward, but extreme behaviors are to be avoided.


4. Having unrealistic expectations about the future of the relationship

More often than not, women make more of the “head-over-heels” phase of a relationship than they should. The strong feelings you think the other person has towards you at that point may easily fool you into thinking the relationship is surely heading for a fairytale ending. However, as psychologists warn, that is a mirage mainly caused by an overdose of oxytocine in the brain. If you find yourself in a great relationship, avoid fantasying about the future too much. Instead, enjoy the time you spend together and let things come by naturally.


5. Carrying old baggage

There is only one thing as irritating as a new partner constantly blabbering about his/her ex: that irritating comparison with the ex. If you feel the need to always compare your current partner with the former one, from the way he/she acts in certain situation to what he/she is actually saying, then it means you are carrying old baggage and you are not ready for a new romantic bond.


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