Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Dating

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6. The discussion seems more of an interrogation

Despite the fact that you are very curious about your partner and you want to know what makes him tick, asking how he feels about having your wedding on the beach is a bad idea. Instead of showing interest towards that person, all you will manage to do is to create the sensation of a police interrogation that will surely turn that person off. Let things evolve and you can be certain you will learn more about these things at the right time.


7. Ignoring obvious signs

The vast majority of people who are putting in a huge amount of effort to make the relationship work tend to ignore both evident and subtle red flags. In the eventuality that your new partner does not call you back, forbids you to search for him at work and has a suspicious behavior in general, do not hesitate to find out why. Even though you should not jump to conclusions immediately, certain signs are best not to overlook.


8. Not being ready for intimacy

The constant pressure of modern society practically imposed so many prerequisites for the “One”, that it determines many to search for that perfect person with unreal features. To put it simply, people have been intoxicated with wrong ideas about what a “great catch” represents. Consequentially, in their quest for the Holy Grail, they overlook and under-appreciate potential partners. While there is nothing wrong with setting some standards, psychologists suggest that a person who tends to set the bar too high is actually afraid of commitment and intimacy.


9. Pretending everything is OK

If you are serious about getting involved in a relationship and you want it to work, then you must be aware of your own needs and communicate them accordingly. There is no denying that many people out there will manage to maintain a romantic bond with a partner who has different ideals and goals, at least for a certain period. However, the relationship is not going to work in the long run, since they will inevitably realize they are in a great disadvantage when trying to get their personal needs met as well. In other words, a mature and fruitful relationship should be based on assertive partners. However, it is necessary to mention that assertiveness also means expressing your needs delicately, rather than being bossy and imposing them on your partner.


10. You are giving, but not receiving

The rule of relationship reciprocity applies in all areas of a person’s life, including the romantic involvement. Therefore, if you are busting your back trying to make the relationship work while the other person is not offering anything in exchange, perhaps he/she is not the right partner for you. Really now, can you actually say that you are happy and satisfied with a person that treats you like a doormat? Again, you need to be an assertive person and state your needs clearly, as a healthy relationship is one involving two people that respect and treat each other as equals.


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