Top 10 Most Hated Hidden Agendas

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6. Kill UN:


Senator McCain in 2008 called for United States to create a League of Democracies to “harness the vast influence of more than one hundred democratic nations around the world to advance our values and defend our shared interests.” Many media sources believed McCain called for co-operation, collaboration with democracy allies. Charles Krauthammer believed that the Republic Party did not want to achieve what media sources believed, he wanted to kill UN.


7. Palin & Sarah Palin’s Alaska:


Many are intrigued over the 8 part “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” released in November of 2010. Many critics believed that she had an alternative which was to help her run in the 2012 Presidential elections.


8. Taxes 2011:

tax 2011

David Perez of Huffington Post argues that Republicans enjoy taxes. He also believes that the Republicans use taxes to push the nation to a default. For republicans and conservatives, Perez highlights their belief in cutting spending to balance the books. Despite their promulgation to cutting spending, Perez believes that they are really trying to increase taxes for the middle class.


9. To Renew America:

renew america

Gingrich proposed a new environmental policy called TO RENEW AMERICA, given that he is an environmentalist. Many argue that his adversaries are not environmentalists. They have a hidden agenda: defeat Republicans and elected Democrats.


10. War on Iraq:

War on Iraq

When George W. Bush declared war on Iraq, many were critical. The Centre for Public Integrity believed that Bush made hundreds of false statements between 2001 and 2003 to gain support.

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