Top 10 Cute Videos to Make You Feel Better Right Now

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The festive period is a stressful time of year. All those presents to buy and wrap, food to prepare, relatives to endure. Inevitably there will be days when you’re tearing your hair out or nursing a hangover from one of the endless parties and work dos. Well, we’re here to help with some ridiculously cute, heart-warming videos to cheer you up.


1. Guilty Dog

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There is nothing quite as priceless as the guilty look on a pooch’s face when they’ve chewed your shoe or been through the rubbish. This fantastic video looks at the potential suspects one by one. Can you guess which one did it? Darn right, it’s the one with the cutest hangdog expression you ever did see. The other two ratting out the guilty dog is hilarious.


2. Cutest Argument

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Kids arguing is rarely coherent and this video is no different. It’s hard to decipher what these pair are saying over the squeaky shouting, but towards the end their reason for debate is clear. One is bad, the other is four. And one of them might tell the other one’s mom.


3. Slow Loris

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A classic video and still one of the  best for making even the most hardened person melt a little Sonya the Slow Loris just loves to be tickled. Under the arms. A cute, but actually venomous, animal anyway, this little character stretches up her arms for her daily treat.


4. X Factor Finalist 2026

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Far from being a precocious kid, pushed by stage mommy, this little girl obviously just really likes Adele, so she sings along beautifully, albeit squeakily. Very impressive two year old that can remember that many lyrics, some being clearer than others of course. Beware: this is guaranteed to make you a little broody.


5. Hide and Seek

[embedplusvideo height=”380″ width=”470″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=s1GkYfBvLNg&width=470&height=380&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep6845″ /]

This Doberman shows off his breed’s softer side here when he desperately tries to engage his owner in a game of Hide and Seek. The expression on his face at 1:14 is a hoot! Plus you get the added bonus of the ever hilarious ‘dog trying to run on laminate flooring’ routine. Always a joy to view.


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