Top 10 Cute Videos to Make You Feel Better Right Now

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6. Tearjerker

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Your heart is going to explode over this one, so have the tissues ready. This little boy has been deaf from birth. New technology has allowed him to hear his mother’s voice for the first time at 0:29. This is just adorable on a whole other level.


7. Cats and Dogs

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In this video we see the quintessential difference between cats and dogs. This poor Shiba Inu puppy is really barking up the wrong tree here (pun intended). That cat is seriously unimpressed by his antics – check out the aloof looks she gives him. But hold out for the flying trick she pulls. Now that’s impressive.


8. Twins Laughing

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There’s something so endearing about the bond between twins. These little baby boys are sharing their own little in-joke, or just laughing at each other, “Hey! You look like me!”. The way they set each other off laughing again is so endearing. And then one gets hiccups. Hilarious!


9. Belly Laughs

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Sometimes the laughter can get a bit too much; especially when your parents are putting on the greatest show on earth – flapping trousers around. There are a lot of laughing babies around, but this one has to win best belly laugh. It’s a cracker!


10. Christmas Cuteness

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Well, it is that time of the year, so we couldn’t let you go without showing you this ridiculously cute baby laughing at Santa Claus.


These videos are the cutest according to George at – do you think you can find cuter?

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