Top 10 Ways To Land a Job Using Social Media

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 6.  Follow Industry Leaders/Human Resources

Human Resources

Follow the people that interest you most. Find the industry leaders and the Head of Human Resources and add them. Watch what they are doing and find the right time to engage with them in a professional manner. It doesn’t necessarily work to bombard them on a Friday night at 11:22pm about how you want a job.


7. Cold Networking

Cold Networking

Cold networking is easier than you think.  A good way to connect with new people is by helping them out. If you find a typo or a bad link on their website, send them an email about it. Those always get a reply. If  you find content that you think they’d like, tweet the link to them. In other words, establish the best relationship social networking can buy.


8. Announcement:


Announce in your status update that you are actively looking for employment or new job opportunities. The larger your connections, the more likely one of your coonnections will know something about your industry and job opportunities.

While I do know everyone I am friends with on Facebook and Twitter, I don’t necessarily know or remember where each person works or what each friend does for a living. So, when I first was laid off, I posted a note on Facebook, explaining my situation, and what I was looking for. A note tends to stay on people’s screens longer than a status update and you can write much more. Try it and see if it works magic for you as well.


9. Become an Active Member

become active member

Become an active member of the social networking sites. Write blog posts, update your Facebook status and posting updates to Twitter on a regular basis using unique hashtags. In other words, do everything you can to help establish your online presence and demonstrate to employers that you know how to gain a following. Update and post new content to your social media profiles several times per day or at least daily.


10. Be Informed

be informed

Stay informed of news and updates in the social media industry. Your knowledge of the social media industry will demonstrate to employers that you are very interested in and passionate about social networking. You may want to even subscribe to the blogs and news updates from your favorite social media platforms. You will then have the ability to stay informed about new features, new competitors and new applications being used in social media.


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