Top 10 Furniture Designs That Will Bring Out The Geek In You

If you are past the point when collectibles, action figures, posters and ComiCon costumes were enough to display your exuberance for the world of fantasy and science fiction, the only logical next step involves decking your home with thematic furniture. True, these pieces don’t really come cheap and rare ones might even cost you a small fortune, but in the end it’s all worth it.

However, a second issue is that in most cases you will also have to decide whether you are looking for comfort and practicality or if appearance constitutes the primary selection criteria. More often than not, you won’t be able to have both. Let’s examine the top ten geekiest ways to set up your home and not only.


1. The office desk with Han Solo’s carbonite-frozen body underneath

office desk with Han Solo's carbonite-frozen body underneath

This clever office desk consists of a full scale and highly detailed replica of Han Solo’s carbonite prison underneath a clear plastic surface. If you are a true Star Wars fan, then you can easily replay the moving scene when the beloved character interpreted by Harrison Ford is trapped by Boba Fet with the help of Darth Vader and delivered to Jabba the Hutt. However, while it seems like an incredibly cool idea, having Solo’s twisted visage staring at you from underneath the desk at all times with his fingers extended towards you is pretty much nightmare fuel. Not to mention that this desk doesn’t have drawers.


2. A replica of the chair used by Captain Kirk

replica of the chair used by Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk was definitely one of the most appreciated characters in the Star Trek series and a real go-getter when it came to the ladies, regardless of their specie. So what better way to honor his memory than by replacing your dull armchair with a replica of the one utilized by Kirk? The problem is that this futuristic piece of furniture really looks out of place in a normal apartment décor, so the contrast between Kirk’s chair and the room will always kill the fantasy.


3. H. R. Geiger inspired chairs and table

H R Geiger inspired chairs and table

In addition to the design of the Alien movies’ character, H.R. Geiger has created numerous works of art as well as furniture pieces displaying their macabre themes. In fact, in Switzerland you can actually find a bar where the whole décor – from furniture to lighting fixtures and glasses – are Alien themed. But while this kind of furniture is pretty cool in an H. R. Geiger theme bar, it’s less appropriate for a standard apartment than even the Captain Kirk armchair. Also, all of them have rather sharp edges, so you’ll regret bumping into them at night.


4. The “periodic table” table

The 'periodic table' table

It’s pretty hard to beat a coffee table that actually includes every element known to men in its very own cube. Yeah, the “periodic table” table constitutes a display of the collection of elements encased in a wooden frame. But, due to the fact that these substances are not exactly easy to come by – especially the radioactive ones – the price of this piece is around $9,000. In addition to that, you don’t want to break any of the cubes unless you want a team of government agents in hazmat suits in your apartment scanning for radiation.


5. A coffee table propped by a majestic dragon servant

coffee table propped by a majestic dragon servant

The perfect refreshment space for those late nights of playing Dungeons and Dragons, this table consists of detailed dragon statue holding a clear glass surface in its mighty claws. But while a wine chalice and an entree plate with roasted pigs looks nothing short of magnificent on it, plastic coke glasses and a bowl of potato chips would just make it seem tacky. On a side note, it’s the perfect addition to complement Geiger’s Alien furniture.


6. The coffee table in the shape and design of a Rubik’s cube

coffee table in the shape and design of a Rubik's cube

This toy was extremely popular about 30 years ago, in spite of the fact that few people managed to complete it without assembling/disassembling the cubes or giving the stickers a paint job. As a coffee table, the Rubik’s cube is pretty neat and can be blended with most types of décor, considering you can choose the colors you want to display by shifting the table’s position. Unfortunately, you can’t really “solve” the table because the cubes are interlocked.


7. Couches and pillows that look like a scrabble board

Couches and pillows that look like a scrabble board

As a diehard scrabble enthusiast, the idea of playing the game on a larger scale than the typical board would sound cool, right? Transforming the couches into letter supports and the pillows into letters looks intriguing, but the design of this furniture is anything but comfortable. Also, if you intend to use this room to entertain guests, you should probably know that playing pillow scrabble gets old pretty fast.


8. A completely Star Wars-themed home theater room

completely Star Wars-themed home theater room

Not that a futuristic home theater room with cinema-like seating and a wide screen guarded by C3PO and Boba Fett on each side isn’t the best place to view the Star Wars movies, but seeing any other flick in there is simply weird. In other words, it’s pretty hard to enjoy a romantic movie with your girlfriend while the two live-size action figures are staring at you.


9. The flat that mimics the Star Trek Voyager bridge

flat that mimics the Star Trek Voyager bridge

If you, like Tony Alleyne – the other person who pulled this stunt off – have enough cash to go large, then you could spend your time at home on the Star Trek bridge, making even the simplest task appear to be decisive for the fate of the universe. However, you should probably consider a better Star Trek series than Voyager and avoid this guy’s mistake.


10. Urns and coffins like the ones in Star Trek

Urns and coffins like the ones in Star Trek

To end this top on the Star Trek note, keep in mind that your passion for the Sci-fi series does not have to end with your passing. Your earthly remains and respectively ashes, if you opt for cremation, could be stored for eternity in a coffin or urn replica of the ones utilized by the Federation. It will probably be pretty bizarre for the people attending the memorial service, but why should you care? You’re dead!

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