Top 10 Deadly Mistakes Of A First Date

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First dates can be one of life’s most stressful experiences, as we put our looks, personality and sense of style on the line. We’ve all experienced the classic side effects of first date nerves, be it the sweaty palms, the nervous stammer or the annoying mental blank.

Yet, no matter how nervous we might feel on a first date, there are always some conversation topics and bad behaviours that should be strictly avoided. From awkward innuendos to suggestive staring, here is a countdown of the top ten deadly mistakes that every first date goer should steer well clear of.


1. Arriving late 

It might sound like a simple one to get wrong, but getting there on time is literally the first impression you’ll ever make on your potential future partner. If you show up late to the restaurant, your date will always clock you as a disorganised person, even if it’s on a completely subconscious level.

Of course, there are always going to be circumstances that can hold us up, whether it’s bad traffic or being delayed at work. Be sure to let your date know if you’re going to keep them waiting and make a point of apologising once you arrive.


2. Alcohol

Enjoying a glass of wine with your meal is one thing, but if you find yourself shooting tequilas then it’s safe to say you took a wrong turn somewhere along the line. Limiting your alcohol intake not only stops you making a fool of yourself, it’s also a matter of safety as you get to know this new person.


3. The ex

Under no circumstances is it appropriate to go into a lengthy discussion about your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. It doesn’t matter if they’re relevant to a witty anecdote or if their persistent phone calls are driving you mad, bringing them up is awkward and will probably damage the flow of easy conversation.

Keep in mind that by dropping their name or mentioning your past experiences together, it gives the expression you haven’t got over your old feelings and aren’t ready for a new relationship.


4. The telephone

Whether it’s work calling or your sister checking up on you, turn your phone off and show some basic manners. There’s nothing ruder than writing a text message while your date is trying to get to know you. If you’re waiting on an important phone call, or need to have it switched on in case the kids contact you, then politely explain the situation and keep the phone out of sight and out of mind.


5. Table manners

Licking your knife, belching loudly and picking that niggling piece of spinach from underneath your molar are all sure-fire ways of disgusting your date. If table manners aren’t your forte, try to be on your best behaviour.

This isn’t like the scene in Pretty Woman where the socially unaware, yet beautiful lead star’s lack of cutlery knowledge is seen as sweet and endearing. Bad table manners always leave a lasting impression, so put your elbows down, read up on which fork to use and keep a napkin on hand.


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