Top 10 Misconceptions About Ancient Egypt People Love To Believe

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The history of the Ancient Egypt has always cultivated the fascination of people towards this great civilization. The Ancient Egyptians are without a doubt one of the most prolific and advanced empires of all times, from both the technological and social points of view. It comes as no surprise that archeology has a special sub-science referred to as Egyptology. However, the numerous inexplicable aspects of the Ancient Egypt have also stemmed numerous myths and misconceptions. Furthermore, the propensity towards believing these false notions is also emphasized by several Hollywood productions that paint a romantic, surreal picture of the society at that time. Let’s explore a few of them.


1. The legendary beauty of Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra

It is easy to understand why a misconception that stems from the works of Shakespeare and is perpetuated in virtually all plays and movies stands to this very day. However, Roman coins from that period tell a completely different tale. In fact, Queen Cleopatra VII was anything but beautiful. The bulky nose, her pronounced chin and the small lip line are features that cannot be associated with beauty, irrespective of the cultural archetype of femininity. On the other hand, historical records indicate that she was an extremely charismatic and intelligent figure.


2. The ancient Egyptians fascination with death


To think that the ancient Egyptians borderline obsession with the mummification techniques, the imposing architecture of tombs and the intricate burying rituals performed indicates they were preoccupied with death is a huge mistake. In fact, all these aspects show us how much the Egyptians glorified and celebrated life, even after death. Death is regarded only as a transitional phase to the afterlife and all the rituals are set in place to ensure the safe passage of the deceased and continuation of the spirit.


3. Aliens played a role in the development of the Ancient Egypt civilization


It may be very tempting to associated things that we do not fully comprehend with alien contact, but that would simply constitute an insult to the brilliant achievements of the Ancient Egyptians. In spite of the fact that conspiracy theorists argue that the pyramids could not have been built with the technology of that era and that not even modern science can replicate their architecture, bringing aliens into the equation is presumptuous and has no rational basis. Moreover, let’s not forget that Egypt was home to some of the most renowned scholars, mathematicians, architects and astronomers in recorded history.


4. We already know everything there is to know about Egypt

Solar boat

False, archeologists uncover new elements that shed more and more light on the intricate nature of the Ancient Egyptian society every single day. For example, quite recently they discovered a full-scale model of the so called “solar boat” inside the Great Pyramid! In case you did not know, this vessel was allegedly utilized by the Sun God Ra on his never ending battle against the demon of darkness named Apep. The fact that it was placed inside the tomb suggests that Ancient Egyptians believed that the pharaohs’ role was to assist Ra on his journey after their death.


5. Ancient Egyptians invented hieroglyphs


There are in fact two misconceptions encompassing the hieroglyphs: their authors and their purpose. To put it simply, while some consider hieroglyphs a creation of the Ancient Egyptians, other erroneously believe that these characters represent spells, incantations and curses. While nobody knows for certain when or where the hieroglyphs were invented, as historical evidence suggests they originated from the Western Asian tribes. Furthermore, hieroglyphs constitute historical event depictions and harmless inscriptions.


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