Top Ten Gifts for Sport Adventure Seekers

Wondering what to get the adventure lover in your life this holiday season? You could offer to spike his eggnog with some pure adrenaline, or you could try surprising him with a voucher for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are ten awesome gift ideas to choose from. Read on with caution: the descriptions of some of these adventures alone can raise your heart rate.


1. Take the Plunge

What could be more thrilling than exploring below the surface of the ocean? Gift adventure seekers with scuba diving lessons, or plan a trip to the Great Barrier Reef for seasoned divers. For those who aren’t sure about jumping in with both feet, a voucher for a snorkeling adventure also makes a great gift.


2. Go Up, Up and Away

Spirits soar when loved ones are gifted the chance to ride in a hot air balloon. Float high above Australia’s unspoiled wilderness or look out over its bustling cities. This is a great gift for a couple or family, as many hot air balloons can accommodate more than one passenger at a time.

3. Visit The Winner’s Circle

Vouchers for driving experiences make excellent holiday gifts. Some experiences are even suitable for teens who don’t yet have a driver’s license, which definitely ups the coolness factor of this gift. Recipients can speed around the track in the luxury model of their choice or suit up for a real race-car-driving experience. And the winner is…you! For giving the best gift of the season.

4. Sail the Seas

Shopping for someone who loves speed, sea, speed and sunshine? And did we mention speed? Give the gift of a jet boat ride or jet skiing adventure. Recipients will plow through waves at top speed with the wind in their hair and salt spray tickling their faces. Their thanks will be profuse—if they ever catch their breath.

5. Climb to New Heights

A rock-climbing voucher is another adventurous gift idea. The ultimate test of strength and endurance, rock climbing pits man against nature with very little in between them. Gift a novice with lessons and a veteran climber with the opportunity to scale a new peak for an experience they’ll never forget.

6. Enjoy a Bird’s Eye View

Invite your loved one to see the land from 14,000 feet with a skydiving voucher. Experienced skydivers can jump alone, but novices can get the same adrenaline rush strapped to an expert for a tandem dive. Trust us, the recipient will be thinking of you fondly as he freefalls back to Earth.

7. Loop the Loop

Aspiring pilots and lovers of thrill rides in general will be swept away by a voucher for a ride in an aerobatic plane. Piloted by experienced professionals, the planes take passengers along for the ride of a lifetime as they plunge, twirl and flip in the air. The jaw-dropping, stomach-churning ride will ensure that your favorite adrenaline junkie’s holiday really takes off.

8. Reel Them In

Know someone who loves salt-water fishing? Consider the gift of an extreme fishing trip. Charter a boat and a guide to help your favorite fisherman go after big game fish and bring home a little supper or a trophy for the wall.

9. Combat Boredom

Inject the holidays with a little action by giving your favorite adventure lover the gift of a combat experience. From flights in real fighter jets to simulated battlefields full of citizen-soldiers armed with paintball weaponry, these adventures have all of the action and none of the danger of real military experiences.

10. Ouotback Adventure

Experience of a life time, while camping out in one of Western Australia’s gorgeous campgrounds or parks and face down crocodiles, dangerous snakes and the area’s fiercer-than-they-look kangaroos in their natural habitats.

Plan an Australian Outback adventure for the thrill seeker in your life with Best of the Kimberley, a travel and tourism organiser in Kimberley, Western Australia.

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