The 10 Most Memorable Things of 2012

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6. Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

This was possibly the worst thing to happen in 2012. This hurricane devastated most parts of Caribbean, mid- Atlantic and North-Eastern America. It was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, with winds spanning across 1100 miles, it cost the economy $65.6 billion. This disaster tragically cost the lives of 253 people and ruined the homes of millions, leaving people homeless without food, water and shelter. The amount of people and communities that came together during the aftermath of this was phenomenal, people were building shelters, giving warm clothes and food away and even providing electricity to charge peoples phones for them.


7. Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos

This is one of those things that you watch and think, “what the hell was this guy thinking?” Felix Baumgartner travelled up 123,491 ft, on the 14th October, in a giant helium filled balloon to reach the stratosphere, he then jumped. The adrenaline junkie reached a dramatic speed of 834.4 miles per hour which is phenomenal; he broke the speed barrier Mach 1.24. He even found himself in a crazy death spin in the middle of the air, but somehow corrected himself just in time to pull his parachute. He set a variety of records that day with


8. The presidential debate

The presidential debate

This was all over the news, two men battling it out in words to become the president of the United States for the next four years. Everyone knows that Barrack Obama won over Mitt Romney and it was one of the fiercest debates in American history. The debate was probably not the most famous thing that came from this, the most famous thing was possibly Barrack Obama’s victory hug with his wife’s photo that became extremely viral across the internet.


9. The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5

Quite possibly the most anticipated gadget of the year, the iPhone 5. People were queing up for days just to get their hands on this device. I have one and it’s the best phone I have ever had, but I’m clever and waited a few weeks to avoid the manic and stress. Despite all the manic over this, it’s still not the best phone out there, there are some that are just as good as it, such as the Galaxy S3.


10. The Saville scandal

The Saville scandal

This was one of the biggest talked about news stories of 2012, it was also one of the most shocking. Basically alligations arose a year after Jimmy Savilles death that he was sexually assaulting boys, girls and adults alike all throughout his life and getting away with it as he was so famous, this spiked an inquest into different celebrities and found that throughout the 60s and 70s lots of celebrities where following Savilles footsteps. It was a sickening investigation that has even accused people wrongly.


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