Top 10 Most Popular Gun Magazines

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Guns are not just used as firing weapons or for self-defense purposes but they are collected by gun enthusiasts who are fond of collecting guns as a hobby or a sports activity as well. With the increasing number of people interested in guns, many gun magazines have come out on the market and contain all the relevant information gun enthusiasts need regarding guns, ammunition and their accessories.

Listed below are the names of 10 most popular gun magazines that can ultimately keep a gun enthusiast updated and satisfied.


1. American Handgunners:American Handgunners

This magazine was voted the most favourite handgun magazine in America. Every issue printed provides the latest news on handguns, training, competition and accessories. It is also a sister publication company to Guns and American Cop.


2. Combat Handguns:

Combat Handguns

Combat Handguns provides news regarding the latest equipment, shooting techniques and essential information for self-defence and personal protection

Each publication is dedicated to individuals who use handguns for self-defense or as a part of their profession. Combat Handguns is the ultimate guide to the best techniques and equipment and an informative magazine I truly recommend reading.


3. American Cop:

American Cop

American COP is a hard-hitting, trustworthy, timely, gun savvy magazine that real police identify with and love reading. American COP offers solutions to practical problems-the problems law enforcement officers deal with day in and day out.

Acquiring wide-ranging handgun-retention techniques cannot be underestimated and each issue of American COP dedicates special attention to defending against gun grabs.


4. Guns:


Introduced in 1955, it was the first national monthly newsstand firearms publication. The writers who work for the magazine enjoy sharing their passion for guns and equipment with shooting enthusiasts worldwide. The details and full colour images of each gun make it seem like you already have the gun and are holding it. That is how good they are.


5. Guns & Ammo Handguns:

Guns & Ammo Handguns

The magazine specializes in the thorough test and evaluation of handguns. Each issue features self-defence, law enforcement, handgun hunting and hand-loading topics. If you want to know which handgun is the best on the market today, pick up your issue now.


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