Top 10 Uncanny Last Words

This article examines 10 uncanny last words from people we may or may not remember for good or bad reasons. Let’s see if you agree. Be sure to comment about your likes and dislikes.

Top 10 Extreme Excuses For Being Late

The worst part of being late for an appointment, work or date is that you have to come up with an actually credible story to justify your disregard for punctuality and of course, the other person's carefully planned schedule that you have just messed up.

Top 10 Evolving Technologies

Technology is never at a standstill and every science discipline is constantly searching for ways to improve the existing methods and develop newer, more applicable solutions to address the world's problems.

Top 10 Strangest Foods You Should Try

Humans are known for their strange eating habits, as they are able to eat almost everything that is there in the food chain. Every day, we discover new food sources and love trying new things. But the question is: how could someone dine eating things that are creepy, strange and that look disgusting.