Top 10 Sports That Should Be Banned

The following list identifies sports that are dangerous, inhumane and unnecessary - even for entertainment purposes. You should not attempt these stunts, unless you are willing to risk your life or a couple of limbs.

Top 10 Propaganda Methods Used Today

The combined factors create a dangerous mix that practically paves the way for modern propaganda methods used to brainwash viewers into believing only one facet of the story.
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Top 10 Promotional Items You Can’t Go Wrong With

While you could offer standard personalized pens and notepads, it is necessary to mention that your competition will have such giveaway items as well. Let's go over the top ten promotional items that can capture the visitors' attention and help them remember your company.

Top 10 Things Forbidden By Islam

The average citizens are protesting in favor of a more liberal and democratic system. In addition to the freedom of speech, let's find out more about the top 10 things that Islam deems as "haram" or prohibited.

Top 10 Largest Cities 100 Years Ago

This is a list of the Top 10 most heavily populated cities in Europe. This list includes 1913 population estimates for all of those who are defined as living within the 'city limits', or 'city boundary' at the time.

Top 10 Ways To Stay Warm During Winter

To combat the negative effects of the cold, you can employ a variety of simple tricks that will definitely help you overcome the physical discomfort and potential seasonal illnesses like the flu or the common cold.

Top 10 Stereotypes About Countries

As it turns out, stereotypical thinking is actually an adaptation of the human brain that allows us to classify different aspects of the environment faster and easier.
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Top 10 Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a second language does not have to involve an A-Level or GCSE classes at school, or spending lots of money on a personal tutor. There are many ways of picking up a second language, some of which you may not have thought of.